Installing Linux Lite With Windows On The Same Pc Easily

Computers are really amazing tools. Both teams like many others related to the field of technology, tips forward or possible methods to carry out various activities or actions.

However, there are things that few people know: , but which, however, are in the light of the Internet and you can get it for the sole purpose of research. So if you have already made the question if it is possible, for example, keep two different on a computer, here are going to get the answer. operating systems

Two operating systems, computer

 Two computer operating systems

It is very common that most people think two different operating systems can not coexist on the same computer. One reason is that it could impair the functioning of the computer, which is relatively true, depending on how you perform.

What systems combine?

Two of the three most popular operating systems in the world. Nearly 90% of computers worldwide have Windows in one of its versions, either the last or older, while, on the podium, Linux is the third system the most used operating.

Everyone keeps different features and tools that can get the most benefit for purposes Planted you.

What do you need for the two operating systems?

First, you must choose which version of each operating system you want to include on your computer. Among what can be highlighted, for Windows, of course, is Windows 10, while Linux, strongly pointed to Linux Lite distribution.

Based on the features of your computer, you can choose between versions and others to install. Your hard drive on the other hand, you must have enough space to accommodate both operating systems .

After all, what will be done here will be a disk partition to create a boot each operating system. Windows probably occupy most of the space.

Finally, download the ISO file belonging to the operating system you want to install. Similarly, you have a USB device and an application that allows you to set the boot device .

Getting install Linux alongside Windows Lite

The time has come to launch the procedure to install Windows and Linux Lite on your computer, you ready? Follow the instructions below.

 install Linux alongside Windows Lite

Partitioning your hard drive

If you already have Windows installed on your computer, you must do a little hollow for Linux. To do this, Enters Windows Disk Manager and follow these instructions:

  • Select your hard drive, right-click it and select “Shrink Volume.”
  • Specifies the amount of space that you want to cut (only expressed in MB) in the window that appears and click “Shrink.”
  • The black space that is displayed in the Disk Manager corresponds to non-partitioned disk sector.
  • Perform the necessary procedure to turn your USB from a boot device for the second operating system at this stage, not, of course, change depending on the program you choose . One of the most recommended is Rufus .

The moment of truth

After completion of the steps described above, it is time to start with the startup process . Turn off your computer, connect the USB and produced to turn on the computer.

  • Press the boot device selection key match, which is usually F12, but could change. You press this button repeatedly and immediately just turn on your computer.
  • Select the language and begins with the installation of the operating system.
  • At some point in the process, enjoy the option of installing the Linux Lite next to Windows, marcarás option and generally follows the installation.
  • In scope, creates a partition “type of installation” that will be assigned to Linux Lite.

Enjoy two operating systems!

The process can be a little wider than shown here, but is really simple . In this way, easy and convenient, you can take advantage of these important operating systems on your computer.

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