How To Know The Refresh Rate Of Your Monitor In Windows

Then we will see Get to know the refresh rate of your monitor in Windows in a fairly simple with a few applications. You can choose the one that suits you, are all free and easy to use.

monitors or screens have evolved, as well as other components in both materials and software that are part of your computer.

Today, we can get to have 240 Hz monitors as a relatively normal in some areas. While a standard is now 60 Hz and is more than enough for most people who use a computer.

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Who can use a maximum of 240 Hz monitor? In general, those create enjoy competitive games and games video, they can make the most of such monitors. If you are one of them knows what games not confirmed for Xbox Series X and S or if you prefer learn what games are confirmed for the PlayStation 5 and   if you want.

In today’s article, we will see first what is the refresh rate of your monitor in Windows and how to know how much is the maximum of our monitor, is simple to learn and you can change the frequency settings default update. A   then you will remove all questions you may have quickly.

What is the refresh rate of a monitor?

In short, the refresh is responsible for measuring the hertz. Depending on what you do with your computer, you can enjoy a more or less a better flow imaging, among others.

Most monitors come with standard 60Hz. For most people, this refresh is more than enough for almost anything, even play. However, for those who are dedicated to the editing of video games or perhaps monitor 120 Hz or more, would be ideal.

Most Video currently uses a frequency of 30 video games usually work very well to 60. Although in some cases, especially in competitive games, may be increased to 240 Hz. This means that together with a good Internet connection, can see things before their opponents to some extent.

How to know the refresh rate of my monitor in Windows

For the refresh rate of my monitor what is best to use an application like VSync Test which is quite simple to use tool that we can use the same browser.

It does not require us to install anything, even if one of its requirements is to have HTML5. What makes this web application is to calculate the screen refresh and response time there.

It is the only application that is used for this, we can find Framerate Test, which is a similar application with which you can see the frequency of SPF and compares this with the update screen. In this case, does not require HTML5, but we will need to Flash enabled in your browser.

After watching a small animation of the screen, we see as responsible for analysis of the monitor refresh rate, and after a short period of time, we can see the results.

Another tool is quite interesting test UFO that fulfills the same function as the above applications, although in this case can download to let us see the amount of FPS that can support the monitor.

As you can see, it is quite easy to know the rate to refresh your monitor in Windows . With these applications in minutes, you will have quite clear what is the maximum frequency of the monitor you are currently using.

Remember that if you really need, no need to think immediately to change with a 60Hz monitor you are good enough for the vast majority of activities at a computer.

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