Opening The Event Viewer Or Events In The Windows System Easily

 icon in the Windows event viewer

Most people own or have access to a computer, either at home or in a business. And most have the Windows operating system; It is not surprising, because if depending on the version you have installed , this system offers many advantages, among them is Viewer or the Windows system events events. This article will teach you how to easily open.

Event Viewer or the Windows event


The Event Viewer or Windows system events is a tool that allows observe all activity is happening on your computer notifications, warnings and errores registered in the system when open any application. Event Viewer or events makes an activity log when something happens in the Windows system at the time and off.

This tool is very handy when presented a problem or a system error; and not only that, you know why it happened and fix too.

Open Event Viewer or Windows system events easily

To open the event viewer or events in the Windows system is very easy, there are three ways to do this, you who are:

  1. From your computer Start typing in the type of search box “Event Viewer”.
  2. The other way to do this is to enter through start and Administrative Tools and click on “Event Viewer”.
  3. And the last way to access to this tool is to open the Windows Explorer file, and write Event Viewer.

How to use

Event Viewer or Windows Event

Once you open Event Viewer or Windows event as a window, which will be like the image below. Appear

 Event window of the Event Viewer or Windows 10

In the display window, you will notice that there are sections that provide different information. You must enter Windows registry , from there you can see events or Windows Event.

By choosing this option, you will realize that there are other sections in which you can enter, so you can know the information about the events or the events that transpired on your computer. To enter the Windows system event or events must choose the system .   To do this, click the box to the left that says system

It allows you to view all events or events related to Windows system components. You will realize that there are a number of events or events of the Windows system.

how events are recorded by the


  • Note:   Tell if a program or application being run properly.
  • Note: These events or recorded events with this label are generally not serious; however, it is important not to avoid them, as they may correct an error rather than something serious is later.
  • Error: This message indicates a problem in the software or hardware of the computer
  • .

 icons Windows programs

Another thing you know picking an event or event information is what it means and the ID. In addition, the recorded events or events have ID card and this is useful to be able to search the central support Microsoft   describes the events that can appear in the system

Open the Event Viewer or the Windows event is very easy must not enter the windows start bar even have the ability to open more comfortably both this application and others in this menu in the search box, type Event viewer or to the other two methods described in this article.

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