How To Get Files From The C Drive To The D In Windows Easily And Quickly

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As we started to use a personal computer think the spatial units are sufficient. But over time, we are not filled with programs and files, out of space in particularly C. This unit does not generate a serious storage problem and question we ask how to obtain files from C to D drive in Windows easily and quickly.

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How to get files from the C drive to the D channel in Quick and easy Windows

This can be a viable solution, because we have other units where we have enough space to store files. Since when drive C has been completed, the first options to add the unallocated space. But this will only work if you really have the unallocated space have also transfer the files to the D drive

Windows, we offer different options that may or may not be used and one of them is to move files that are related to the operating system. Since these elements must be set, but if you can move the file type of third-party programs. These can be Facebook, PC games, Photoshop, etc. Video files, movies, photos, documents, etc.

How to get files from C to D drive in Windows easily and quickly

As we have said before Windows allows different operations, but we must be very careful because we can seriously compromise their operation. Must backup before running these processes. Although we can easily   format a hard drive using the System icon.

 disk files c

The steps here say they work perfectly for versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 . And we will use three files get couple of different methods from drive C to D in Windows easily and quickly   who worked under you. We will serve not only as pass the drive C to D, you can do a external hard drive.

Three ways to obtain files from C to D drive in Windows

The first method we’ll use is to switch to the other unit by dragging and dropping files then. To do so opens the browser Windows and find the file you want to move, then select and click the right button and from the menu select the option to cut or copy. Now the next step is to go directly to the D drive and paste the file.

This first method is recommended for documents or media files , you must send this file as programs.

The second method will be applied is through a program called Aomei Backupper standard. Once you have downloaded and installed on your PC, you run and you click Save Options and then click the file synchronization.

The next step is to click the Add Folder, thereby’ll find the file you want to switch to the option C drive and select as destination path unit D the next step is to click Start sync . And presto has passed the file to another unit without problems.

Now you know the third and final method is to use the symbol of the system, it will use . Let the press Windows + R Tecles, this action will open the Run bar. Here we enter the following command cmd and press Enter, now writes copyc command\workfile.tex to:

This will copy in the root directory of drive C to that of workfile.txt file this action loan must transfer the file to drive D. You can say that it is not very easy this procedure, if the program is best use the Aomei Backupper tool and if it comes to personal records the best option is to copy and paste.

 File Transfer

And   Thus we come to the end of this interesting tutorial, which again showed you how easy it is to make changes to Windows. And now have a new understanding of How to get files from C to D drive in Windows easily and quickly.

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