Remember my grayed out apps and preferences in Windows 11

the windows backup The feature in Windows 11 settings allows you to back up your data such as files and folders to OneDrive. You will find this function under the beads Category. When you open Windows Backup in the Settings app, you will see the three options:

  • OneDrive folder sync,
  • Remember my apps, and
  • Remember my preferences.

Remember my grayed out apps and preferences in Windows 11

If you enable the Remember my apps and Preferences options, you can access your apps and preferences, such as passwords, language preferences, etc., on multiple Windows devices. Some users have found the Remember that my applications and the Preferences option are grayed out on your Windows 11 computers. If something like this happens to you, these tips can help you fix it.

  1. Use your Microsoft account instead of local account.
  2. Set up OneDrive with your Microsoft account.
  3. Reset Group Policy settings.
  4. Cloud Reset Windows PC.

Let’s look at these fixes in detail.

1]Use your Microsoft account instead of local account

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The Remember my apps and Remember my preferences options are disabled if you’re signed in with a local account. Therefore, to fix this problem, you need to use your Microsoft account instead of the local account.

If you’re signed in with your work or school account, this setting is only available if your organization allows it. Therefore, to enable the Remember my apps and preferences setting on your work or school account, contact your organization.

To sign in with your Microsoft account, follow the instructions below:

Sign in with a Microsoft account

  1. Open the Settings app and go to “Accounts > Your information.”
  2. Now click on the Sign in with a Microsoft account instead link below Account setup section. After that, a popup will appear on your screen
  3. Enter your email and click Next.
  4. Now enter your password and click the Access button.
  5. Enter your current Windows password (if necessary).

This will add your Microsoft account to Windows 11.

After performing the steps above, you may receive the following message:

Can't sign in with this account

Another user is using this Microsoft account, so you can’t add them here.

This message appears if the Microsoft account you use to sign in is already added to the emails and accounts section in Windows 11. In this case, you must first delete this account. To do this, go to “Account > Emails and accounts” and select the account you want to delete, then click the Remove button. now in the same E-mail accounts page, click the Add a Microsoft account Link. You will receive a message Use this account anywhere on your device. Click Next.

Now check whether the Remember my apps and Remember my preferences options are enabled or not.

If you’re already using a Microsoft account, we suggest that you sign out and then sign back in to your Microsoft account.

2]Set up OneDrive with your Microsoft account

You must set up OneDrive with the same Microsoft account that you used in solution 1 above. If you signed in to OneDrive with another Microsoft account, sign out of that account. To do this, you need to unlink OneDrive from your Windows 11 system. Follow the steps below:

Unlink OneDrive from a Windows PC

  1. Click the OneDrive icon on your taskbar.
  2. To select Help and settings. A popup window will open.
  3. Select the Bill language.
  4. Click on Unlink this PC.

Now click the OneDrive icon on the taskbar again and sign in with the same Microsoft account you added to Windows 11.

3]Reset Group Policy Settings

The problem can occur on your system due to incorrect Group Policy settings. You can try resetting group policy settings and see if that works. But before proceeding, we recommend that you create a system restore point.

4]Cloud Reset Windows PC

If none of the above solutions work for you, then restart your cloud PC. When you perform a cloud reset, Windows gets a fresh copy of the installer from Microsoft’s server instead of looking for the same thing on your hard drive. The Cloud Reset option is useful if your system image is corrupted.

I hope this helps.

Why are my apps grayed out in Windows 11/10?

If some of your app icons are grayed out in the Start menu, it means that they have stopped working on your Windows 11/10 device. To fix this problem, you can run the Windows Update troubleshooter or reset or repair the Microsoft app. In addition to this, re-registering the Windows Store can also fix the problem.

Why is my sync now grayed out?

You may encounter an issue where sync settings are not available for your account or the sync settings option is greyed out. Please note that the option to sync settings is not available with school, work, and local accounts. To resolve this issue, sign in with your Microsoft account.

Read more: Administrator, Standard, Work, School, Child, Guest account in Windows.


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