How To View All Open Windows In My Preview On My Windows Pc

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responds Initially, the preview function to display the current status of the process prior to producing the final shape or to open the window. Himself preview gives users the ease of displaying the selected product.

In the windows that you open can see what is displayed on the selected page, for this reason, the term is used in the field of computer science. There is also the option of see the preview of a document the computer before making a choice;   likewise, the preview is used in many cases before printing a document


This function is used to save energy and time, the front view can be used repeatedly. Before printing a document to view files, images, Web pages. For this reason, Windows has the preview function of the open windows on your computer.

Get a preview of all open windows if possible

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To preview in Windows 10, you must press a set of keys to get the desired and the same are the results:

select Alt + Tab can be seen in the all windows that are currently open in preview mode. In addition, you can switch between different windows and allows users to select one of them to use it.

With this combination, the operating system displays open windows. But if you have multiple windows open at the same time, the selected preview not reveal many details.

Therefore, it is difficult to know the exact window to select, you need to go window selection to the window to find the one you want.

On the other hand, to obtain this overview in previous versions of Windows 10 should be download the free software and being even run in the system tray.

Besides the click on the icon Alt-Tab Terminator or the keys that you press Alt + Tab can access an overview, but all big screen open windows.

Set You can resize the preview window, and you can choose whether you want the application icons have a large or small.

Another way you can press the preview is Windows + Tab , it displays all open windows keys. It also has an overview of each of the windows that are open and tablets type shown, it is a good feature.

Additional methods for activation overview

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Also, there are cases sometimes have windows open in the same computer, but are not displayed in preview mode in the lower pane of the window. In many cases this is because Windows effects are disabled.

For this reason, we will explain what are the steps to enable this feature and be able to see a preview of all open windows in the preview of Windows.

First of all should be directed to “home” and search for “Control System Advanced ‘ will open a new window in which you must click on < strong> Settings . Together, this action will take you to another window that is called “Performance Options” .

In addition to the in this section will see a number of options, you should choose the customize it will show a series of options that is due “OK” and ” apply” . This way, it will be activated the preview window.

In short, to access this key combination is an essential function to access each of the windows open in preview mode.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we would like to know your opinion been able to view all open windows in preview by following these steps? Leave your answer in the comments.

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