How To Fix The Error Err_proxy_connection_failed Chrome In Windows


We’ve all been to open any website and browser gives an error message. Some indicate a serious problem, some resolve themselves, and others are simple but require intervention. In this article we talk about one of those very simple mistakes, but require solution. We show ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED how to fix the error

What is this error?

Error codes in google chrome (And most chromium-based browsers) are equal, and are a brief description of the problem. ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED means “Error: connection failed proxy”

What is a proxy?

A proxy server is a service that gives you a little anonymity to the web browsing. Each time you enter a web site, this can easily identify your geographical location. Nowhere has access to your exact address (unless the you give it), but all websites can identify your city, state, country, service provider and other data.


A proxy server prevents this from happening, websites giving information on the server instead of yours. If you use a proxy to a server in the United States, websites you visit think you’re in America. However, to use a proxy, you need to get one among the many lists there, and set correctly in the browser.

Connecting proxy

When you enter a website, your computer connects to a server. The server is basically a computer containing the website , and when you connect to it, that computer sends the content of the site so you can open it in the browser.

When you connect to a proxy, the same acts as intermediary. Instead of connecting to the server of the website, your computer connects to the server proxy, and the proxy is that” communicates” with the server of the website. Basically, the proxy forms a chain in which the information has to go through several parties before reaching you, what makes you harder to track.

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Why this error occurs?

As a proxy connection forms a chain, this also means that if one part of it fails, the entire connection drops. If the proxy can not connect to the website, the connection will fail, and if you can not connect to the proxy, the connection will also fail. This error indicates one of those two things has happened.

Usually, this error is temporary and resolves itself after a few minutes , but if you are reading this article, you probably already have tried to wait and did not work. Then we will give a few solutions you can try if the problem persists.


There are several things you can try to do to solve this problem. The most obvious is to wait, but wait does not work, try these solutions in order until one works, and if none of them work, contact a technician. You should also contact a technician if you receive this error and can not remember having established a proxy never before.

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  1. Find another proxy server. & Nbsp; Proxy servers tend to fall, so the easiest solution is search the best proxy for many in the internet.
  2. Check your settings. Most proxy optimized to be easy to use, but still need to set some parameters that can be complicated. Check that you are entering all the data correctly.

  3. Use a VPN. A proxy and VPN are two very different services, but the ultimate goal is the same: Sites they can not track your activity. If you have problems using proxy servers, it may be worth paying for a more complete service.

  4. .
  5. Renewing the IP address Depending on your country, provider and router; you may be able renew your IP address easily & nbsp;.

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In this modern world where websites are becoming ever more invasive, measures we take to protect our privacy are increasingly drastic. We hope that this can continue protecting yourself online solution.

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