Rotating Images From The Windows File Explorer

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We all have those special moments captured in pictures, as family gatherings, friends, events of the company,   among others, and something that is very common is that we percatemos is that the results of these are not left in the wrong direction.

They rotate at the left or right and sometimes do not know how to do, they have the correct address.

One of the types most often repeated in our computer files are images, and that day the day we keep a large number of images or photos on your computer. These normally through our mail email, messaging applications, social networks, mobile devices.

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It is possible that some of these images downloaded from Internet or our mobile , having the wrong direction and we will fill the hard drive of your computer with the files.

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What you’re a File Explorer?

It consists of an application for managing files in the Microsoft Windows system. Using this tool, you can create, edit or delete folders, files, images, quickly search Capet your files or PC simply by typing, etc.

There are images or photos we sometimes need to modify or retouching. This requires us to find an application that allows us to perform these actions on them. From what we have to do, you need to use simple application , type paint or if it is something more complex than we do with other more advanced editor.

However, if we want to rotate an image,   what can we do without having to resort to any kind of image editor or viewing files


How to rotate the image?

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Here – below will be demonstrated by three steps an easy way to rotate a picture or photo without using an application or tool, simple  . Browser files Windows

Step 1

Open File Explorer or Windows Explorer and get to the folder containing the image files. Select the desired image by clicking on it.

Step 2

You can select more than one image at a time to turn. By clicking on the Manage , then click the button Rotation tab may notice that you can rotate the image left or right will depend on the direction you want to give the image file.

Rotate images of the Windows file explorer is very useful because we can vary and solve vision problems. Another way to save time in the   If there are many images that we turn, is that without leaving the TURN file browser with a few clicks without having to open another application.

To do this, simply   select the   from Windows Explorer him – even, and click the menu option that activates the top of the browser window   Tools image .

Once you click it, see how they display a number of options to apply the image,   turn left, turn right, the presentation of the shows or as wallpaper, among others. In turn, press the option to rotate the image in the direction we want, will be sufficient to dispose of it as we want.

So, in a few clicks, we managed, without saving changes or exit the browser itself. We can therefore continue to run other images we have stored easily and fast to enjoy your memories. Also discover how flip or rotate a video on your PC without  

If you still want to learn more things about the browser, we invite you to download and use the file browser   Tabbed Windows 10.

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