How To Start, Restart And Stop Windows Services From Cmd

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The preview of your computer operation is essential to make the best of it. There are many details and options available on our computers, but often do not give much importance to some of the more ” complicated”, as it somehow. But really worth deeper into this issue.

One of these parties as mentioned in our computer is the CMD. This is a very important part for our computer to work properly. Therefore, if you want to know more about this subject, we show today how to start, stop and restart the Windows Services CMD .

How to manage Windows services CMD?

CMD and what is it is understandable, since this part of our computer software is not to say.

In short, the system works CMD or symbol as a translator or interpreter of orders placed on our computer. For CMD can enter the commands you want and run for our taste, so perform tasks on your computer much more quickly and efficiently.

In the CMD also be fix many of the problems that affect Windows , in addition to complicated administrative functions. The CMD has many uses that can greatly facilitate the operation of our computers.

For example, we can using CMD intervene to suspicious activity of some viruses that can seriously damage our equipment.

We even have the ability to repair bad sectors of the hard drive CMD, which is a more complex process, but I really get us out of trouble.

In addition, we not only enables these complex actions, as for example, you can create folders or Windows directories, that does not require a lot of advanced knowledge of the CMD.

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The CMD is available on all systems based on Windows NT , from Windows 2000 to the latest version of Windows 10. It is also easy to interpret commands on OS/2. There is no doubt that the commands CMD are useful for those who want to enjoy the best options offered by your computer.

How to Start and Restart Windows Services CMD?

Although the principle may seem difficult to achieve start and restart Windows services CMD, is actually a very simple process that anyone can do it. First, you Go to the CMD with the following simple steps:

  • Windows Login.
  • Once inside, press the “Windows” and the R key on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • When you see open the “Run” program, CMD writes writing and bar steps “Enter” to enter.

Once you’ve done that, it will open CMD or a symbol system. When you have done everything to enter the CMD to start or restart a Windows service all you have to do is:

  • Find the CMD command line to start the process.
  • Enter the “net start” and the name of the service you want to start or restart.
  • Press Enter to confirm the order.

That’s it! Once done, the service you have selected start or restart, depending on the state in which it is located. And, the same as this command, there are many people who can help you accomplish the tasks you want the CMD.

How to stop Windows services CMD?

If you want to do is stop certain Windows services CMD and do not know how, do not worry, it is as simple as starting or restarting. The first thing you have to do, as mentioned above, is access to CMD in Windows Once done, the steps you need to follow to stop Windows services.

  • Look for the command line to start the procedure in CMD.
  • In this line, type “net stop” plus the name of the service you want to stop. Order
  • Finally, press Enter to enter the command.


So easy to stop the service Windows you want CMD. Of course, if you have questions about the operation of your computer or a problem with this procedure, please visit the official website Microsoft technical Support help.

If you follow exactly the steps and advice given here, we assure you that you will have no problem at the start, stop and restart the Windows services that you need. Let nothing stop you from making the most of your computer.

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