How To Enable Or Disable The Special Keys On Windows Easily

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Windows special keys were created to facilitate the access and use of the user when handling your computer. It has always been, since the first version of Windows to the last. how many versions of the operating system there the link above. It is simple to enable and disable, but first we see what its main functions are.

or Off soft keys in Windows easily

Special Functions keys

Many people believe that these special key functions are unnecessary or annoying because with just by pressing the function is activated and other Special keys make your experience using the computer much easier. Each has a different function, see one of them.

Alt (alternative)

This changes the operation of the alphanumeric keys (F1, F2, etc.) and function, thus provides alternative characters and different actions to those obtained with other modifier keys can. For example, if the href = “”>   Alt + F4 closes the active window


Enter (Return)

This special key is used to enter data into an application, it indicates that writing already completed, select Options in the menu, start the implementation of programs or files. In the work generally of the user transfer control of the computer.

 hand making special function keys


works to remove or delete the character left of the insertion point, which becomes located where the character was removed located.


This acts in combination ignites the keyboard located on the right side, turn on or turn off each time it is pressed. If the light is off the alphabet keys appear in lowercase if it appears uppercase.


The function of this key is to lock or unlock the digital function keys located in the right area in the case of an extended keyboard.

Shift (Shift)

There are two keys Similar functions , but this modifies the action of the alphanumeric keys when pressed simultaneously. If the letters used to write in capital letters (if they are not blocked capitals).

In the case of numbers and punctuation if this button is pressed at the same time the numbers appear signs drawn on numbers. It also changes the function keys. For example, if Shift + F10 is pressed the shortcut menu for the selected object appears.

Alt Gr (Alternative Graphics)

Changing How certain alphanumeric keys , which provides special characters marked in the bottom right of the keys.

Ctrl (control)

There are two keys to the extra characters when you simultaneously press the alphanumeric keys. It also produces special actions to the press simultaneously with the function keys.

For example, pressing Ctrl + W closes the current window, the action Ctrl + P active printing the page or active frame and Ctrl + E activates the selection of the active page. Other functions Control are:

  • Control + G. Save
  • Ctrl + A: Open
  • .

  • Ctrl + C: Copy
  • .

  • Paste Ctrl + V
  • Ctrl + X Cut
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo
  • .

  • Ctrl + K: Italic
  • .

  • Ctrl + N. Boldface
  • Ctrl + S: Underline
  •   Ctrl + right arrow: Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
  • .

  • Ctrl + left arrow: Move cursor to the beginning of the previous word
  • .

  • Ctrl + Down arrow: Move the cursor to the beginning of next paragraph
  • .

  • Ctrl + up arrow. Move the cursor to the beginning of the preceding paragraph

Also are other types of controls, including the Ctrl key, in this case, if you press three keys   Ctrl + Alt + Del   we say the software or the operating system to perform certain tasks, such as logging or discontinuance of a function.

How to enable or disable the special keys?

 black hands manipulate the keyboard on the wooden desk

It is really a fairly simple process without any complications and very fast. To activate only by pressing 5 times successively the Shift . An image that will indicate whether to enable or disable.

Another way is by the control panel. Dale click the Accessibility and accessibility center then move the keypad. In the special keys section you can enable or disable in the box “for easy reading of the keyboard “.

No doubt these special touches make everything easier and faster. We hope you have been useful this tutorial.

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