How To Uninstall A Program In Windows That You Can Not Delete

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When you have a PC , you will still be downloading all types of content, especially if you are someone who likes to download all sorts of programs or games. This occurs even with the computer at work, you may end up downloading all types of files on your memory.

At the end is something almost take inevitable space on your computer, and really for this has been done, so you do not feel bad about downloading anything you want, because at the end all that matters is your own pleasure in your computer and your PC.

However, you must also be careful what you download on a computer, since most downloaded file may have a suspicious origin, making computer viruses have in our PC or it is entirely unusable due to some malicious software.

This is why, when downloading files or install programs must be respon sables and read the fine line system windows and check some authenticity and seriousness of the download site.

In addition, you must have some care of your space, because it is always advisable to leave some of your totally free hard drive to optimize disk read speed. Now if you are someone that you both like to download files and programs, you may have seen on stage that you downloaded and installed a program and now you can Uninstall .

This happens more often than you can imagine, and it must be downloaded responsibly. However, if you have this little problem You can continue to read, because we’ll show you everything you need to know to successfully uninstall a program.

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Uninstall a program on your PC successfully

When you download and install a program, we end up with short and long-term problems if the original schedule or legitimizes or the same program is sinister something.

When this happens, the more likely we earn some Malware that we must protect but more importantly, may not be able to uninstall the program. In addition, to ensure that you can not uninstall the fire program “feature programs” in the Control Panel, then right-click on the uninstaller click the “ Uninstall “.

There are several ways you can solve this problem, but perhaps the safest way if you are not a computer expert, you may want to use a third party program.

The two that I can recommend are IObitUninstaller, handles a program to completely eliminate these programs want away from your hard disk and RevoUninstaller that is quite similar.

It is really simple to use, straight grain, and best of all, they are completely free, although each has a premium version. Sea Anyway, you can still perform basic actions with the unwanted programs without too many problems.

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Ensure that there is nothing

Once you have deleted or uninstalled the unwanted program successfully, the best you can do is ensure that there is not residual file on your computer and is completely faded away. For this, you can type “regedit” into your browser and press Enter, which allows you to see all windows registry.

Now, here you have to be cautious and careful, because to remove or anything change here can mean that your computer stops working correctly, so if you give something scary can talk to a specialist. Otherwise, take your time searching for files and junk files and erase all relevant .

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