What is ENERGY STAR on my HP? Can I remove it?

Have you bought a new HP PC and seen the Energy Star label and a program on the PC? If you wonder what it is, this guide will help you know what star energy In you hp computer and we will let you know if you can remove it or not.

What is Energy Star on my HP? Can I remove it?

The Energy Star label on your HP computer indicates that the device is green in terms of energy consumption and emissions. Its goal is to reduce the carbon footprint left by various devices with their high energy consumption and parallel emissions. Energy Star is an initiative undertaken by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

Since Energy Star enabled products consume less energy than other appliances. In turn, they reduce energy expenditure and also lead to a sustainable lifestyle.

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The Energy Star program is developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP) supplied and installed on devices manufactured by them. It is bloatware that can be removed if you have any problems with it. Generally, it is a program that does not cause any harm to your PC. Even if you remove the Energy Star app, it makes no difference to your PC.

How to uninstall Energy Star on HP?

If you want to uninstall the Energy Star program from your PC, you can easily do so by following the process below.

  1. Open your PC settings
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Select apps and features
  4. Find Energy Star and click on the three dots icon
  5. Then click Uninstall

Let’s get into the details of the process.

To get started, open the Settings application on your PC from the Start menu or use the win + me Keyboard shortcut. Then click on the Applications in the menu on the left, then select Applications and features among the options.

Find them star energy program in the list of applications and click the three dots button next to it. You will see some options. Click on uninstall to remove it permanently from your PC.

uninstall energy star

This is how you can remove the Energy Star program from your PC if you need to remove it.

What does ENERGY STAR do in Windows 11/10?

The Energy Star program comes with HP devices. It helps the device consume less energy, which reduces emissions levels and carbon footprint. It is solely responsible for regulating your PC’s power consumption to lower levels.

Should I remove ENERGY STAR?

Whether or not you remove the Energy Star program from your HP device is your sole decision. It does no harm to your PC if you keep it or it has no impact even if you delete it. If you find that the program is using more CPU or causing some other problem, you can remove it.

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What is ENERGY STAR on my HP?  Can I remove it?

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