How To Easily Create An Online Store In Wix -Very Easy

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When you start a new enterprise , which all seek is getting known in the digital world. Depending on this, one of the best ways to start with this is creating a virtual store within Wix.

This platform allows you to create a store where you can choose templates, elements and tools to help your future buyers and investor feel more identified with the brand. And you can also to Wix SEO so you can position a website in Google .

In this post we show you how to use this platform to use for sale and promotion of your Services . To access the creation of your virtual store, just follow these steps:

Create an account in Wix

This is perhaps one of the most obvious steps, yet not the best known. This is paramount when creating your Store , since within this record, you enter all your data and access necessary for your visitors to know a little more.

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Choose an ideal template for your business

Wix is known for having a large number of templates which help promote your services. In these works, the platform provides you with a wide number of advantages among which highlights the quality of the platform.

Customize Your Website Simple Steps

When you have found the platform more fits your business , just enough to edit and add those elements that help your clients feel comfortable and identified with your proposal. In addition, Wix also allows you to create a portfolio for you to promote your products.

This is one of the most important steps in creating it, as it gives users a sense of belonging and security within your own business web .

Finally just set your store and put public for people

Once you have completed all the adjustments and arrangements necessary for your store be seen by your audience, just subtract add your products to the web . In this part, you must enter all those payment methods, shipping information, contacts and everything related to what you are promoting there.

After completion of that phase, only subtract publish your page and add it to your own domain must have previously obtained. Not owning your own domain, access to the Wix platform will offer one free.

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What are the advantages offered by Wix Stores

  • With easy platform, do not need to know about programming, because the same page has a web editor intuitive enough for it to be a walk creating your website.
  • Thanks to its business partners, you will be quite simple, connecting all those payment platforms such as PayPal and thereby to receive payments by credit card. However, to access this option, you need to possess a plan of ecomerce.
  • Stores Wix gives you the choice whether you want sales you make are to everyone, or to a specific region.
  • With this you can define much more comfortable, the way contabilizaras your shipping costs and also, to know way more detailed the final value of your sale.
  • can have access to the support page 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

sales options wix

What are the disadvantages of using Wix Stores

  • That users are much more advanced possess your online store within the Wix servers. By this we mean you will not have any access to your site code, and therefore can not make changes in style or programming .
  • Stores Wix is ​​a platform designed for those vendors physical products . So it is not available to sell digital products within its platform.

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