How To Wix Seo To Position A Website In Google? | Wix Seo Tutorial In Spanish


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The positioning of web pages has become a major challenge for many creators and publishers pages exist different engines to create them, do SEO Wix is something quite simple.

Wix has been developed and improved over recent years, it has also brought a extension called Wiz this tool will be useful for the task you want to perform.

How to Make SEO Wix for positioning a website in Google | Tutorial SEO Wix in Spanish

Wix is ​​a platform that came out in 2006 that allows you to create your own website and also it has a wide variety of applications that will strengthen your marketing strategy; one of the uses that will give users more is for creating a virtual store.

What is the best way to do SEO in Wix?

The extension SEO Wiz, has become a great tool for those creators of pages that are basically from scratch, because has a simple interface and is very well explained .

Acquires SEO Wiz

If you already have an account at Wix and have some time using it, you just have to find and add the extension , otherwise, you must create your account at Wix and start creating your page.

Provides the necessary data

Once you download SEO Wiz, will ask you to fill out a form with relevant data for SEO and Google rankings.

You ask the name of your company or service, location and ask you to put some Keywords for help your display page between related searches.

Keywords are keywords that will be needed to locate your page. For example, if your page is about utensils and appliances kitchens, can be used as keywords “ Kitchen ” “ Appliances ” “ Tools “. E this way any related search with these words will your page as an option.

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Follow the Wiz

Wiz, will give you a list of objectives that must meet to help the SEO of your company. E mong these, may be the possibility of improving the name of your page, change the style of your publications or improve visualization of your page.

Through these suggestions are expected to SEO for your business improve a little. In addition, the tool tells you step by step how to change each characteristic that believes that should be improved.

Use advertising

The idea of ​​SEO is to help position your website. The best way this tool can do is improving the characteristics of your page and giving you the tools to reach more people.

But really can not work alone, are required to be used other tools such as media advertising or through social networks.

If you click “ appears on Google ” can do many things, this will improve your list of goals. Every time you fulfill a goal, may be eliminated or create a new one.

Google now has the function Google Correlate , a new way for correlating data using keywords and so locate the SEO pages more easily.

This will motivate you to meet the characteristics that are considered ideal for the creators of pages.

Taking goals list as a plan

If you take the SEO as an important thing, can use the target list as a sort of points to renew. Thus, will be generating content that is itself and you will understand better web positioning


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So, once you establish your new goals and assume new your skills, you can play with the SEO of your page to give you better understanding and make possible the opportunity to interact with your page .


It is important not to take as a unique tool for improving the SEO SEO Wiz. D ebes consider things relevant to your area sales and titles that generate visits and interaction with your page.

It is also necessary that you handle the SEO guidelines to create your articles, because this can not be corrected by the extension. A well-developed generates items like your readers and commitment to your page.

Finally we hope that this article will be of great help and can serve as a guide to SEO in Wix. Helping you position yourself in the top 10 Google search results.

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