Locking Part Of A Text In A Word Document -Step By Step

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Today we will see block of text in a document in Word with this tutorial step by step and very detailed where you can protect your files the way you want.

Whether you want to protect the entire Word file or want to prevent them from editing specific areas of the same . A little further down will find a fairly detailed tutorial and quick to learn in a few steps to protect a Word document the way you think best.

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Blocking part of a text in a document in Word -step by step

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This is really useful when you share a document with a fairly large number of people and do not want any of them change absolutely nothing of it.

But if you want to protect a specific area, a paragraph or just want to leave a small editable area to add content, you can also do blocking a part of the text of a document Word and see how to do to get it in the next tutorial.

How to protect a Word file

To protect a Word file and thus no one can edit it. We’ll have to go to the « Review » tab. After this we must turn to the « Protect » and finally section on « Restrict editing» option.

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On the right side of the screen will show the options for restricting formatting and editing of the document. From this paragraph can check the « Allow only this type of editing in the document » and have to select from the list «Unchanged (write only)» for poner read-only mode in Word .

Now we press « Yes. Enforcing Protection « and then we will have to choose the method that we use to protect our document. The classic would be the use of password. Thus only the person who knows the password can edit the Word file.

However, those who do not know the password only be able to view the document, but can not edit it at any time and in any way.

How to block specific parts of a file Word

But if you want block of text from a Word document this is possible and it is actually quite a process also clear, simple ponerle password to a Word document .

Before applying read protection we do some things. What we have to do is select all the text you want to leave as editable. Bone must select what we do not want to block.

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Now from the menu on the right on « Exceptions » We scored so that everyone can edit the zones previously selected. This way anyone can edit the areas that we have not marked.

People who open this document you will see that the areas that can be changed are highlighted so that they can find them more easily.

As you can see Word has a lot of options for editing text. It is undoubtedly the most complete implementation of office automation in every way. From being able to create margins, text and numbers to the possibility of using online for free.

Therefore, there are many alternatives when editing Word documents; In fact, as we saw even can protect a document with a password easily.

Remember that if you still have any kind of doubt about how to protect a part of the text or prevent can edit the text in Word. You can leave it in the comments area which will find a little below and we will be happy to help as much as possible.

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