Changing Color To The Text Of A Word Document With The Color Palette

 change text colors word

ofimático Office package the text editor is an amazing tool word we usually use for our school projects or work. There are many functions that can we can do with this editor, but very few are known for their users. That’s why we will show you in this tutorial How to change the color of text in a Word document with the color palette.

 color change word

One of the most striking attributes when we have a text and we want to give a different touch is through his palette. Of course, you have other options to help you customization , but the most striking is this. Unfortunately, we know very few who get the most out of this tool.

For those using Password every day, we know that this is a program that has many options for editing your files. We can include pictures, graphics, edit the text, format, type of tetra, etc. but he has hidden functions that can help us recover file without saving or deleted, easy and fast.

How to change the color of text in a Word document with the color palette

When you work on a Word document , we see that at the top of the screen is a menu. We see different tabs, among which we can mention Home, Insert, Page Layout, reference, correspondence, etc. but we will focus on the Startup tab.

In this tab you will find Fuentes tools where different options that do not allow text wrap of our document. Here we can see options such as font, where you’ll find many of them. Also options for change the font size if you want italicized or underlined in bold.

But in this paragraph, you will find three important options to make changes to the text of our document. From left to right, we find text effects, with it you can add effects to a part of the selected text. You have different effects to choose the second option is Select text color .

With this option selected, the text gives the impression of being labeled with a marker and has different colors to choose from. And the third option is that we will use the font color. A knock on the arrow next, displays a paddle and here we can choose the color of our choice.

The steps to change the color of text in a Word document

You know where you can find different options that will allow us to change the font and color our text in the document . Now let’s list the steps you must take to it &NBSP. The first place you select a portion of text you want to change their color. If the document can posarte Tordo the cursor on the left side of the sheet in the bank.

Then you must click three times and all the text is highlighted, now the next step is to go to the police and Color button click the arrow. This displays the paddle You can see the automatic color is black, then the colors of the subject. Further below, you will see the standard colors, but if you are not enough, you’ll see more color choices.

The next thing to do is to do is move the cursor over one of these colors changes in text, so you can see how it will look &NBSP. Now, when you’ve finally chosen the color, simply click on it. And so the text you selected has changed color.

 color change text

As you can see, it is very simple and quick to perform processes, best of all, you can play with the color scheme that you can do with this option. Since you can put titles and other colors other text color, everything depends on your imagination. And if you learn How to change the color of text in a Word document with the color palette.

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