How I Can Combine Horizontal And Vertical Sheets In The Same Word

 Use the leaves in a different direction in the word

Many times you need to file a Word document in which you want to include graphics or tables, but sometimes its dimensions become so wide that is not properly aligned in a sheet vertically. Today, we have just explained how to combine horizontal and vertical sheets in the same word.

Switching vertical and horizontal sheets in a Word document

Sometimes we like to edit one or more sheets in the horizontal direction, so that tables and graphs could be presented properly. Word offers endless utilities for your presentations fit your needs, such as size, color and style of the selected sources. It even allows you Bowing text to make it more attractive.

However, this processor offer only words, in principle, localize the sheets traditional vertically or horizontally, and said configuration is automatically extended to the whole document.

This can be a headache, especially if you are familiar with the less common functions of word processing. Few people know that the Word allows you to change the page orientation to include in a single table of documents or graphics than its size would not be very good in a vertical sheet.

 Combined horizontal and vertical sheet in the same word

This is not a trick or a very complex procedure, but a configuration problem in the design or structure of the document. Once you know the steps, it’s easy alternating vertical and horizontal sheets in the same Word document.

The most important thing is to make changes in the direction of the blade, must be specified in the configuration exactly which pages you want to switch are over the document structure.

method of combining vertical and horizontal blades in the same Word document

The procedure to take the same Word document sheets both horizontally and vertically can vary from one version to another office, but essentially follows the same pattern. Once opened, the document in which we alternate the direction of the leaves, can be observed in the different tabs of the menu, that make up the tape called.

Then you must perform the following steps to tell the program what you want sheets vertically and to direction leaf landscape. On the ribbon, you have select the tab called Layout , which puts on the menu where the alternative page is selected, margins, leaf size, columns that contain and orientation that is the function that we want to solve.

We can see that the selection of the “guidance” will open a submenu that allows us to select the Word document sheet in which we work, either vertically, which is the default mode or horizontally.

 work in Word

As you can see, this will not solve our manufacturing problem of vertical and horizontal alternating sheets in the same document. But it is necessary to know the menu and its functions , which puts us just steps to locate the desired option. Read the next section to perform this task.

We’re almost finished assembling our Word document

Just below the location of the buttons ‘Layout’ there is a submenu called “Page Setup. “ Who will emerge a window where you will see three tabs, the first is” margins “. In this tab, as its name suggests, can change the margins your Word document.

This tab consists of 4 sections to configure the edges of the leaves. The orientation of the same (here we select the horizontal direction for displaying graphics); pages. Where you have symmetrical margins set if show if two pages per sheet or book formats.

The last section of this tab is what we have interests. It is that we allow the orientation alternate between vertical and horizontal sheets. It read ” apply” and must make a choice between “the entire document” or “below”.

choose “below”, Word will change the orientation of said blade. We must repeat this step every time we have to repeat the process in a particular section of the Word document.

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