Copying And Pasting Multiple Texts Selected Once In Word

 Copy and paste selected Word

The use of information technology has greatly contributed to our development as a society in the implementation of PC in our lives was made completion task. The activities that were previously dificulties to perform, are now very simple actions.

One of the uses that are given to electronic equipment such as computers, is the documentary area, that writing or writing documents . This is thanks to specialized programs for these tasks.

One of the most comprehensive programs in the documentary field, we find Microsoft Office created by Microsoft in 1990. He is a software specialized in each specific area and for each task in the most professional manner possible. can be used online.

What you are Word and how do I copy and paste text?

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Among the programs offered by the package Microsoft Office Word is found, which consists of the Word Processing . With you can create documents and edit them on your Android, without using another program or tool.

In fact, it is one of the most advanced word processing programs in the world today. Offers a number of very advanced tools that help us carry out the work more practical and professional as possible.

On the other hand, what makes it so popular with consumers Word is new interface and more and more advanced. As time goes on, Microsoft releases new updates for Office programs, including Word is included.

Among many things and actions that can be performed with this program, there is the possibility of   copy and paste the text,   insert and edit pictures   This is the action in search of a text, whether on the Internet or any other document and make an exact copy.

A copy of the text is pasted on a sheet of Word where you can edit or use our taste . Outside paste the same text, Word gives us several options we can choose according to what we want.

We also have the ability to copy multiple texts at once, or more segments of the same text. This helps us to be able to control the action of copying the text, since in many cases, we require that parts of the text, not all.

In this article, we will learn what are the steps to copy and paste the text you want in a sheet of Word. In addition, we will know who is the most convenient way to copy multiple text and paste it into Word.

Copy and paste multiple selected text only once in Word

If we want to copy and paste multiple texts at once on a sheet of Word, what we need to do is follow the steps below:

First directed to the text you want to copy , perhaps the text of a Web page or another place where they observed. Once we have the text on the screen and we are ready to select.

Drag the mouse cursor to the text you want to copy, and then we left click and drag to take select the text you want. We will see how the selected text are marked in blue, then release the click to indicate that only the text.

Now, to select another part of the text, but it is not attached to the previously selected. You have to press the Ctrl and keep the same action performed selection earlier, we left click and hold to select the text you want.

In this way, we selected several texts, copy right click and select «Copy» or Ctrl + C it will copy command. We are sheet Word, right-click and select «Paste» or Ctrl + V , and ready.

 Ctrl + icons C, Ctrl + V

So can copy and paste multiple texts selected once in Word. Since the Microsoft Word program is one of the most versatile in terms of interface. In addition, it facilitates a number of options and useful functions.

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