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Today we will see how to activate and set the autosave feature in Word . Office office suite is the most widely used for many years, has many interesting features to work productively, comfortable and above all safe.

Office allows us to configure almost everything to suit our needs. From changing the appearance entirely until change the language even share documents via OneDrive.

How to Enable and Configure the autosave feature in Word

But one of the most interesting features is the autosave. If you work with computers probably sometime while you were working light cut or accidentally close the file in question. This means that everything we have worked and we have not saved, you lose How do we solve this? How can we avoid losing information?

Word has An autosave feature lets you configure the program so that, without you having to do anything, you keep everything you’re doing. If you are not familiar with this feature, we invite you to check out What it is the autosave on the official Microsoft Support page.

This avoid so losing information, you can continue to perform your tasks in Word without worries, focusing on what you should do and not whether the light is cut off or for some reason can not get to save the file.

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Configure autoSave in Word

Let’s look a little further down a fairly simple tutorial but effective to learn not only activate the autosave feature of Word but also so you know exactly how to set it and how it works.

Enabling AutoSave in Word

  • The first thing to do is clicking “ File ” in the bottom left of Word.
  • Then you must go to “ Options ” found almost everything under the left sidebar.
  • opens a new window with many sections. Which interests us is “ Save ” which is on the left sidebar.
  • Here it is important that you have two boxes marked “ Save AutoRecover info every x minutes ” and “ Keep last auto version recovered if closed without saving “.

You can set up so that information every certain number of minutes, that’s something you must decide is saved. This would not have to worry about losing your work in Word. Bear in mind that if you set the autosave to save the file every 10 minutes , the last 9 minutes will not be saved so they will be lost.

Ideally, if you are working in Word configure enough to be kept every 5 minutes, so you will not lose much information if something happens. Bear in mind that this can affect performance a bit Office . So if you want it faster should set 20 minutes or more.

How to set the autosave

Not for nothing complicated set the autosave in Word . With only the options you mentioned you above and have an active role and not so much lose information if you cut the light or that and then could mail or share by OneDrive .

Set Microsoft Word to remove autosave

This is mostly important for desktop computers. Since in the case of portable if it were to cut the light it can continue to function with battery. However, you should not trust you, because if something is not related to light (a hard reset, hard drive failure, etc.) can also lose important information occurs.

If it is a very important job is better to keep everything in OneDrive that is perfectly synchronized with Word, so you’ll need to create an account in OneDrive . In this way you will not lose your work no matter what happens. Remember that if you have any kind of doubt on this subject can leave a little down in the comment box.

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