How To Freeze Or Lock The Position Of An Image In Word Easily?

Microsoft Word is the program of choice for creating and editing text. It offers versatile features. The first is to place images in the document. However, they move when the writing is changed. To avoid this can immobilize or lock the position of an image .

The ability to insert images document is one of the most commonly used tools for this program. Despite this, not everyone knows how to take full advantage. This can be frustrating at the time of use.

How to freeze or lock the position of an image in Word easily

Today, you can download and install Microsoft Office on Chrome Free word and enjoy. Even compress a Word document with images that weighs less , similar to the function will consider it – below.

Gel or lock the position of an image in Word

As mentioned above – a recurring problem that many users complain that to insert an image into a Word document, unlike create a macro in Word document , it changes the text is changed.

positioning again be the image whenever there is a change can be heavy. For this, there is a solution. Immobilization or lock the position of an image in Word will this movement is more, even if the text is constantly changing.

Steps to immobilize or block an image in Word 2007 and 2010

The first thing to do to take advantage of this tool is to go to the tab “Insert” on the main menu screen. Then select the “ Image “. After completing the file search window will open action. It searches the image you want to use in your document.

 block position of an image

Once you complete this action. With the image selected go to the “ Format ” in the top menu. He resides and click on the “Wrap text”.

In the drop-down menu, you can select different text parameters. Can use all but “In line with text” since, select this option to impede the work.

To freeze or lock the position of an image in the Word must, in the “ Format “, click “ Location “. Appears another set of options, choose the one that says “More layout options.”

After this, open the conceptual menu. Navigate to the “ Location “. You must configure where to place the image in relation to the margins of the document.

Note that this working procedure has to click on the ” anchor” located at the bottom left of the conceptual menu. To check-click “ OK ” and ready. Now you can move the image by dragging with the mouse.

It should be stressed that this procedure only works on the 2007 and 2010 versions of the Office program, so if you want to freeze or block an image in Word 2003 should follow the following steps.

Steps to secure an image in Word 2003

A similar, as explained above, you must add the image you want to work in the “ Embed ” menu and set the position you want to be in accordance with Article “Setting text” . Remember not select “In line with text”.

 Position in word easily

To continue the procedure, you must place yourself in the images of the toolbar and select “from Image Format” in the conceptual menu that appears, click “ design ” and then the” Advanced “.

At the same before defining the position you want to have the image according to the document margins. What I do in the “Image position” that is in the design of advanced settings.

If you already have the necessary settings, select “ Dock ” and press “ OK “. Ready, so easy to immobilize or lock the position of an image in Word.

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