How To Put Different Header And Footer In A Word Document

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Microsoft Word is a program or service that allows users to develop written work or texts from your tablet, laptop, computer or mobile device. It is also important to know that this can be used online free like everything to the Office.

This program is in fact very useful for all kinds of people . Since workers, housewives, students and others. As it encompasses a wide variety of tools when editing and creating research.

Putting Different Header and footer in a Word document

Microsoft has also developed this, multiple programs according to the type of document ; either Microsoft Excel, Power Point (production of documents in templates that will be displayed on video beam equipment).

Similarly, also offers Microsoft office (design facilitates the development of related information office documents), Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, Business Skype (allows the user to make connections video calls through your computer), Microsoft Access among others.

Differences Between Header and footer of a Word document

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People who use Microsoft Word are free to choose the type and font size, change the size of the margins, even the orientation of the text so vertical and horizontal, also post frames and the creation of a header or footer to make the text look even more attractive


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Some of the useful and necessary tools to create a text are footer and header, it is necessary to explain the difference between them.

header briefly explains the most important parts about a topic. A simple example is a story can be. In which we want to denote the most important facts without going into all the events. This is almost always at the top of the page.

Footer on the other hand are notes that provide information that may be important or interesting but can not be included in the text. As recorded at the bottom with some numbers or sign.

How to put different header and footer in a Word document

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Managing a Microsoft Word document can I be difficult for some users, however through simple explanations will become much more comprehensible.

Steps to a heading

  • Enter to Microsoft Word.
  • On the top left of the page you will find multiple tabs.
  • Select the Insert .
  • Click on the Header .
  • You can select the type of header that matches the text.
  • Select image allusive and with it the text you want to place as header.
  • Microsoft Word allows edit header, type and font size and color.
  • To close the process only takes press anywhere on the sheet text.

How To Make a footer

Take note or footnote in a single text requires 6 easy steps:

  • Enter in Microsoft Word
  • Select in the top left of the Insert
  • Sign in Footer
  • Choose the type footer that matches the text
  • As in the header have the option to choose some sort of image
    Once the editing footer just do Click needed anywhere on the page
  • Then footer appear on all sheets of the text.

Microsoft Word makes life easier for users throughout the world in creating research and information or otherwise. It also allows more colorful and personalized text.

Every day editing forms are reinvented to provide satisfactory experiences. Adapt to these new forms is much easier.

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Finally, we hope this article has been to his liking, however we would like to know, Is there any other way to put headers know How to create and edit Word documents Android phone?

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