How To Put A Transparent Background Image Behind The Text In Word -Quick And Easy

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In today show you how to use a graphic resource Word so you can give a different touch to your documents. If you want to know how to put a transparent background image behind the text in Word quickly and easily Read this post.

can add or insert images into a document , but we must always be careful with this because you might end up hampering our work making it difficult to understand the text before him.

Putting an image Transparent background behind the text in Word -Fast and Easy

Therefore we always recommend you employ neutral designs , with light colors, few strokes and possibly without text , to avoid confuse what is written above.

That said, let’s see how. Notably, before starting it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest , or download the latest office package, so that all the options described here will also leave.

How to put a background image behind a text in Word quickly and easily

put a background image behind a text in Word you must first choose the design you want to insert. Look for it from the Google browser or search any you have stored on your computer.

text interface word

Open Microsoft Word, either a new or type in someone who already have ready to finish designing.

insert an image into Word (or place multiple images on a Word document) must click on the Insert tab you have in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

In this section, select Pictures. When you have found the image in question click on Insert in the box to add it to the document.

Then you give the format . To do this you can click the right mouse button and enter Wrap Text & gt; Behind the text. Now you just have to accommodate the image behind the text in the desired position.

As mentioned above, depend on the colors or design image readability of the text you have in front . You can choose to put a picture in black and black, or choose a color, design font and size of text highlighted.

How to put an image transparent as a watermark in a text Word

You can place a Word watermark in such a way that all sheets of the same have the same background. doing so is very simple, then we will explain step by step how to do it.

 creating water mark

Enter a new document or one you want to change. From the toolbar you have at the top of the screen, enter the Layout.

From there, look for the section Brand water, is represented with a blank sheet and an A crossed. Click on it and choose any of the models offers Word. Or slide to the bottom of the list to custom watermarks.

opens a box in which you choose from a watermark with text or an image.

If you choose a watermark text , you must write the phrase or sentence that you want in your watermark, the size source of the same, the Color and distribution on the page.

If you choose a image as a watermark, you must select one you have saved in the gallery of images from your computer. If you have a lot of color we recommend the box tildes Washout, so that look more transparent.

Sets the size and position that your visitors. When you have completed making all the tinkering click on OK.

In this way’ve put a transparent background image behind the text in Word quickly and easily. If you have any questions, remember that you can always leave it in the comments so we can help you solve it.

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