Or How To Make The First Letter Of Each Word In Capital Letters In Word

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Today we will see how to market or make the first letter of each word capitalized in Word . Surely you had some time to edit a text or phrase for each of the words begin with a capital letter. This is very easy to do.

Word allows us to perform a lot of tasks and has many functions to facilitate our process. We can even set the autosave to keep our progress when we work with any document.

Putting o Make the first letter of each word capitalized in Word

Word has an option to to print in black and white document. So if we find options for such situations. Obviously we will find one to convert the first letter of all words capitalized.

So, let’s see a simple tutorial for get to do this in a simple and fast way . In a few steps you can save a lot of time, especially if you have to do it very often or quite a large text.

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Making the first letter of each word in uppercase Word

Obviously if we have to write a text in which the first letter of each word has capitalized we can become quite complex task. Especially if we are talking about a text of many words.

But luckily Word has a lot of options to automate many things that otherwise would be quite complicated and we would lose a lot of time.

You can get the first letter of each word you type in Word is capitalized How? Now let’s see:

First you will have to select all the text you want to convert.

For this simply gives double clicking on it or holding down the mouse and select it.

Once selected’ll have to go to the tab “ Home ” and then on the ribbon menu press the same.

Now you must press on the “ Aa ” icon found in the group “ Source “.

Here you have to choose the option “ Capitalize every word ” and thus put Word will handle any initial capital letters.

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How to put the first letter of each word capitalized in Word

As seen you it is a process very simple to make, very few can step have all the first letters of each word capitalized without any kind of problem.

Office generally has a huge amount of possibilities, after all, so many years of development of this office suite must be good for something, right? There are many tricks to Word and all the apps that are part of it and look how it’s done we teach each of them.

Remember that if you still have any questions on this subject can leave a little down in the comment box where we can answer it as soon as possible.

If you want to learn a little more about Word, Office or any kind of program you have on your computer. In our blog we publish all tutorials days no doubt will be very useful to learn more about them.

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