How To Put Or Write Exponents In Word -So Easy?

 put up or write exponents Word

When you have a job where you constantly use the program Word or when you have a job to do, you know put or write exponents in Word.

It is for this reason that through this section will be teaching you how to put or write exponents in Word in the simplest way.

From the fact insert or write math equations and formulas in Word to drawing the square root or cube in Word. This variant of the Office package has much improved and math calculations.

Putting or Writing Exponents in Word -So Easy

Write or put an exponent in Word

To begin, you can put or write exponents in Word by using the superscript of this word processing program.

Using Microsoft Office Word is one of the simplest ways and simple to achieve write or put an exponent, and is also a method that generates the better .

To start writing a feature exponent using superscript, you must do the following:

 functions of word

Before writing the exponent

When you have finished writing the exponent

The end result of this method is actually seen as a exponent when writing by hand , which is the most significant advantage that this method has to offer.


Add exponents in Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Online You can also set or write exponents in Word and other features provided by the online version. However, there may be a problem. To use Microsoft programs, it is mandatory to hold a Microsoft account, which is free .

The other problem is, if it was not obvious from its name, you can not use Microsoft Word Online without being connected to a connection of red . The drawback Finally, Microsoft Word Online is a compressed version of its office program, lacks many of its more advanced features.

This motif is not of vital importance, since it still owns the superscript where is the option of exponents, in addition to the subscript .

  • First you start your browser favorite.
  • Now find the Microsoft Word Online.
  • You login using your account and password before you can start using the Microsoft Word Online.
  • When you sign in, create a blank document by selecting “ New Blank Document “.
  • Now write any two numbers. Just to practice.
  • Highlight the second number you wrote. At the top, select the “ Home ” tab.
  • Within the text editing tools is the “ bold ” and “ Underline “. To the right is “ Font Color “, there are three horizontal dots, which are more font options. Select it and opens a small menu window.
  • When you have highlighted the second number, makes clicking “ Superscript ” and highlighted number will be reduced.

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