How To Write The Symbol Or Copyright Or Trademark In Word

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If you are a user Regular platform Word , you probably have multiple occasions need to use some special symbol. One of the most important symbols is the Copyright © , or trademarked ™ as many know.

Putting or write copyright or trademark symbol in Word

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However, you may have noticed that the place within a document, not a simple task as it seems. For that reason different processors such as Microsoft Word have included within its system a very useful picture with different symbols, ideals to be added on the documents you want either from your pc o your mobile .

Here we’ll show you some tricks and we will explain what this symbol.

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What is the protection granted?

The symbol of protection to the author, has many jobs, as well as various forms which serve different ways, for example:

  • Command TM ™ (and SM℠) , it is that used to give notice to who sees claim on the use of a brand. Usually, this means that the use of a mark despite being exposed to the public has not been registered yet claimed.
  • Symbol R ®, is one of the best known, because this gives people a notice of ownership, which is used in multiple countries. With this being warned the public that the mark is registered and protected legally.
  • Symbol C © , to the same as above we have explained, notifies those people who see that the work or product enjoys copyright or copyrights not sound.
  • Symbol P ℗ and finally the symbol with the P warns that all works are copyrighted with sound character.

Use the copy and paste method

But maybe this is not the most practical method, you need only locate the symbol and write very occasionally, so you out of trouble quickly.

You can enter the name of the symbol you want to use on many web pages, which you collect hundreds of symbols, to make them more accessible to the public. Also accessing the catalog symbol Word You can find all you need and more symbols either weight symbol or currency and even symbols of musical notes , so will not have to complicate a lot trying to find the right.

Word and LibreOffice

If the draft a document, use a word processor, these usually have a special function, which can help you with your task. To access it, you must go to the options bar your page Word and locate you on the insert , after this, you must enter the tab symbol and there you will see a series of options.

We recommend you head to one that says “ More symbols ” where additional text box which has even more you can add symbols will open.

If you’re within LibreOffice , can process quite similar with the only difference that must enter the Insert menu and then enter the option of a special nature, there you can choose the copyright symbol you want to add.

Word document copyright

Keyboard Combinations

If none of the above steps has convinced you, you can always make use of the keyboard combinations . One of the advantages that they have is the ease of being applied, because its use spans almost any character or symbol.

These are some of the most common combinations that can be found within the keyboard to enter such symbols:

  • Copyright ©. Alt + 0169
  • Trademark ®. Alt + 0174
  • Trademark ™. Alt + 0153

If you want to see even more combinations you use the Character Map, which is already installed services Windows .

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