How to remove or delete the page number on a cover page in Word

In today’s article we will see how to remove or delete the page number on a cover page in Word . The process is just as easy to raise exponents square or cube in Word with keyboard   and should not take much time, let me step by step through everything you need to know to get it


For those who need add more than one signature line to a Word document or delete the page number on the cover of a Microsoft Word document. The same application has a special option to make it very easy to do.

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Some time ago it was necessary to create a new document for the new page, this is a thing of the past and is now much easier. We’re just going to have to play around with the options presented to us by the program and succeed.

This makes it extremely easy hide the page number . This will make sure the numbering of the document to remain intact but will not be on the cover. For the presentation of it remains more professional.

So, let’s look at a simple but quick tutorial to get remove the page number on the cover of Microsoft Word in a few minutes. Follow all the step by step process and quickly get.

This tutorial is suitable for those who do not have experience using Word. Who are taking their first steps with Microsoft Office proposal. So you will find it very useful and easy to perform. And if you also need can   make straight, curved or angled arrows in Word using the keyboard .

 microsoft Word document

Delete number on a cover page in Word

  • Open the document to which we want to remove the page number .
  • Now what we do is double-click the header or footer. Basically where the page numbers of the document in question is situated.
  • This is to open the tools for the header and footer.
  • Now you have to choose « Different First Page» option in «Options » you found on the tape. Should have a check box, no need to do this step.
  • Then you must select the page number on the cover and press «Delete» on the physical keyboard.
  • What remains to do is simply click on the « Close Header and Footer » you will see on the right side.
  • From this simple way can remove the page number on a cover page in Word. As you can see it’s too fast and simple process.

 working on computer word

How to remove the page number in Word

Word is a fairly powerful program that serves many things. Many people use daily the proposal Microsoft and as for creating documents with covers has a wide variety of choices as we have seen.

This way you can present a document to stay professional in every way. Managing to impress people whom you should present it. Best of all is to learn to use Word is actually a simple process too, since it has all the tools at a glance.

With intuitive design too and all options at a glance. It has become the quintessential office automation program most people who work all the time with it.

To be ending, as you can see it’s too easy remove or hide the page number on the cover of any Word document. This process will serve you for the document to be.

Remember also that if you have any kind of doubt or question the can leave it a little further down in the comment box and as always, we will be fully prepared to help resolve it as soon as possible.

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