How To Search And Find Hyperlinks In A Word Document

Search Weblinks document word

Today is very fashionable to insert hyperlinks into your Microsoft Word documents or PowerPoint to reference a website, files, videos, photos and emails. & nbsp; And this so that the reader of the document has a content related to the topic. Like learning to use this feature is important, in this article we want to show how to search and find hyperlinks in a Word document.

hyperlinks document word

On the toolbar found in the top of the Word window are options that allow you a very easy way to search hyperlinks. And also you can edit them and replace them with other links, just follow the steps below and we’ll let you have no problem with it.

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Word is one of the tools most used & nbsp; by millions of users worldwide, that through its various features, allows us to make outstanding projects. But for this to happen we must learn well how to use it and how create or remove hyperlinks this editing tool files.

How to search and find hyperlinks in a Word document

This is actually a very simple and quick task to do so will not have major drawbacks to it. I start to give this tutorial, you must do the most obvious application and go to open the document that contains hyperlinks.

The next step is to go to the top and go menu click on Edit, then go directly to the Search option, click to the picture display name dialog Find & Replace . Here in this table are going to find and select the More option, you can place this at the bottom, to do this the dialog box will get larger to display more options.

Easy Steps to search and find hyperlinks in a Word document

Once this is done must now select the format and then must choose from, do not worry if the actions to make you think a bit extensive. Just worry about follow the sequence, then you will display a list of styles and style’ll select Search. And here are going to choose Hyperlink and then click the OK button and the dialog will close.

The next step is to choose the Find Next option, & nbsp; thus the program will search the first link or link. Simply repeat this step until you find all hyperlinks found in the document. In the absence of further, Word will indicate that the process is over search hyperlinks & nbsp;. In the document

This is the easiest way you can use to find the links found in a document. & Nbsp; This process can be very quick or take a while, it all depends on how many links you have in the document. But usually broadly be performing a very quick process. Unless you want to remove the blue hyperlinks that are in the document.

So if you want to edit the links or replaced by others, you can make a very quick way, this is the best way I have for it. If you think a less extensive procedure for & nbsp; seek and find hyperlinks on a Word document . You say that this is the only way you’ll have unless you want to do manually.

find hyperlinks

But you can say that this time you will invest will be much greater than doing it the way you’ve explained above. But you can also & nbsp; update all links automatically. & Nbsp; And so we come to the end of this tutorial that it will help you a lot when you want search and find hyperlinks in a Word document.

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