What It Does Anchor In Word? | How To Remove The Anchor That Appears In Word?

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When it develops a Microsoft document Word is customary to insert a picture, table or text box; but, to insert the objects can occur such that appears in the upper left corner an icon shaped anchor; then, you wonder what that icon mean? and how it off my document?

This article will explain what the anchor means in Word? and how to remove the anchor that appears in Word

What does anchor in WORD? | How to Remove the anchor that appears in Word?

What does anchor in Word?

For all is very common to use Microsoft Office , and when you use microsoft Word to draft a document is usual to insert tables, images and text boxes within a text; This adds value to the document and makes highlight information .

But, when you insert a text box, table, or image within the text, you may see a small anchor symbol in the upper left corner; This indicates that you have attached a floating object (box text, image or table) your text . This icon is also known as anchor-shaped anchor.

This anchor symbol using Word serves to bind and block objects with text or page you’re using ; thus, avoiding the moving element you inserted and descuadre text. And this can be very useful even for make a time line creative Word and many other creations.

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You should know that when an element is anchored to a paragraph it will remain at that location; the only way to move is if you move the paragraph to another location.

If you want to move the paragraph but the image, you must configure the image layout so that it is anchored to a specific position on the page rather than the text. You must keep in mind that if you change the page text, the image is automatically transferred to that page and placed in the position that you indicated you on the previous page.

For many Word users, this feature has been very practical. Facilitates the process when you insert something, because you can precisely manipulate the element without losing shape of the text.

Although it is a very useful function there are users who do not like to implement them, therefore, Microsoft Word allows you to remove or disable this feature. In addition, we can even enjoy it to the create Word documents Android.

How to remove the anchor that appears in Word?

Microsoft Word lets you remove anchor in two different ways, but both are very easy to handle.

  • Method 1: Right-click

  1. Open the Word document
  2. .

  3. Click right click on the image you want to remove the anchor
  4. .

  5. You will see a floating menu must select ‘Size and Position’ .
  6. Then you appear on the screen a box called “Design”; click on the ‘Adjust text’ that is at the top of the box.
  7. Select the “In line with text” . This option does not allow images, tables or text boxes have anchors.
  8. To save the changes press the button “OK” .
  9.  man standing on red question mark

    The box called “Design” (Step 4) lets you configure the anchor to fit your preferences. If you set the anchor such time will not be necessary to remove this feature that Word has made you.

    • Method 2: File Menu

    1. . Once inside the Word document
    2. Go to the upper left corner of the screen and click “File”
    3. .

    4. Immediately another window, select ‘Options’ will open.
    5. You appear a box where you must check the “Show” located on the left side menu.
    6. In the section “Always show these formatting marks on the screen”; uncheck the box that says “delimiters object” .
    7. and click on “OK” .
    8. If you want to activate another time anchoring the image marks the “Object Delimiter” box and this option will be activated. And if you managed to activate the autosave feature in Word , you just have to wait for changes have made are saved.

      Make adjustments to Word document is very simple, you do not need to be technical computing, you just need patience and follow the instructions to learn to handle Word as a whole Expert .

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