How To Enable Or Disable The Self-Correcting Spelling Word On Mac

 A tablet computer and an Apple Mac

Word is a great program for any type of documents; and part of the office suite Microsoft Office. It has many years in the market, and if you’ve never tried, we recommend download and install Microsoft Office 365 on your Mac or iPad . And this program gives you such useful tools as enable or disable the self-correcting spelling Word on your Mac.

And is that the spell checker are part of our daily lives; can remove or disable the spelling checker in Android in your messages, or activar the spelling checker in your Facebook account . So today we’re going to clarify how to enable or disable this self-correcting spelling your Mac.

on or Off the AutoCorrector spell Word on Mac

In addition, Word is a very comprehensive tool; because not only get documents in DOC format, but you can convert documents Word to PDF on Mac OS easily . This is a great advantage; PDF files that currently are used in all areas of work.

Before you enable or disable the spell self-corrector Word Mac

Word is common in the academic area as well as in the office to write texts or correspondence, whether these letters simple, business, commercial, social cards, or create flyers, brochures, certificates, reports, research papers, or any other writing or document .

In order to help further work, self-correcting spelling in Word comes Which Mac is activated automatically , it is an option that is installed by default.; This is also true for any version of Office on Windows.

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How self-correcting spell work?

  • When you write and you placed a wrong word, this function corrects the time; sometimes without you noticing, Word is underlined in red .
  • To correct yourself, you position yourself in the word; Now you press right click to display a box with all options. Choose the right word, or you see fit; Word immediately replace the word.
  • may be grammatical error, if for example you wrote “spelling” but the correct word is “spelling”, I immediately corrected by placing the accent on the í.
  • If the error is meaningless, as “ed form”; or accidentally wrote two words together without the space bar as “deformed”. Also if omitiste any letter, as in the case of “Wod” instead of “Word”; then in these cases, you highlight the word or words in red, for correct them manually .
  • You may also underline in red words that the self-correcting does not recognize; because they are new in the lexicon of the computer. Because we write that word differently, or more updated. Such is the case of “ex-con” written Word recognizes only as ex-con; although the term is well written, underlined in red.

How to enable or disable the self-correcting spelling Word on Mac?

Sometimes you’ll want to disable the spell AutoCorrect , either because you want to correct your written manually, because you might think that this will save more time.

If you want to do permanently, or circumstantially then activate the option once finished you have to make your text or document, no problem, we’ll tell you in a very simple way how :

To disable the self-correcting spelling:

  • Once opened, the new Word document, go to the toolbar that is at the top,

 A blank document Word

  • Go to the tab Tools or Tools and click it right there a menu is displayed,
  • Now go to AutoCorrect Options , then another box will be displayed
  • On the AutoCorrect tab, find the configuration options in Spanish, or other languages ​​you want,
  • Go to the option: Correct autobiography format and automatically as you type, and simply uncheck the box
  • .

  • Finally, closes Word to apply all changes.

To activate the self-correcting spelling

  • To enable the option follow all the above steps,
  • With AutoCorrect on the Correct autobiography format and automatically as you type, just check the box.

 the window to activate the AutoCorrect Word

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  • Do not forget, close Word to apply all changes.

We know that you will be more prepared in how to enable or disable the self-correcting spelling in Word Mac . Now, use this function often as you want and pack Stand in the office, at college, at school or anywhere.

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