How to write and insert the sign of weight or currency in Word easy and fast

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When we want to insert or write a sign in the Word text editor, a tool Office.   We can easily use the keyboard for this, as insert emoji. But there is no sign that appears on most keyboards used to enter text and symbols. And this sense, we want to present an article that will allow in a few steps you can write and insert the sign of weight or currency quick and easy Word.

insert currency symbol

Believe it or not there are many ways to enter the sign of weight and in this article we will show you a very simple way. Although even today there is much confusion in respect of this symbol , and is often confused with the dollar sign. And presumably that is so, since both signs are written in the same way ($)

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And we will give you a fact that many may not know is that the currency unit weight , is used in seven Latin American countries   as, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, among others. And the dollar   It is used in at least 35 countries worldwide. And as we have mentioned you both currencies use the same sign to be represented.

How to write and insert the sign of weight or currency in Word easier and faster

It is important that   We learn the different ways that provide office automation tools for   to enter symbols, signs and special characters . And through these items we take care of you to receive this valuable knowledge. And you’ll realize how simple and fast it will include this resource As is done to put in your document superscript and subscript .

And back to the issue, some countries use some type of symbology to differentiate its currency and does not lend itself to confusion.   And in this sense   has created a abbreviation ISO standard , with which it seeks to differentiate each currency of the rest. And by a three-letter abbreviation known which country belongs this currency using the same sign.

Steps to write and insert the sign of weight or currency in Word easier and faster

Then we’ll show the different ways in which we can enter the sign of weight or currency Word . And to start open a new document or one you have saved on the PC, once you have open will use the following method. When we are located in the area of ​​the document where we will write the sign,   using the keyboard shortcuts .

Let’s press the Shift key and then keep until you press the pound key is Shift + 4 or 4 and thus the weight sign will appear in the document. This is one of the methods used to enter this sign. Now we’ll show a second method and this method is to use an abbreviated keyboard.

These are command are operated when you press Ctrl. O Alt along with other special keys and symbols are inserted. In our case if we enter the sign of weight will put us with the cursor in the area where we want to display the  . Sign Then write 0024 then press the ALT key   and hold press X.

We will now explain the third method that can apply to write the sign of weight and for this we will make use of the ASCII code. It is a widely used method for include symbols and characters that do not appear on the keyboard. Although this code also allows characters to be written and symbols on the keyboard.

 insert word sign

To make use of this code will place the cursor at the location of the text where you want the weight sign appears. Then you go to press the key ALT and then press and hold the numeric keys   36   and then release the ALT key.   And so the sign of weight appear in the document as if by magic.

So this way you have shown some methods you can use to enter symbols and special characters . Just follow the instructions here we show problems without going to write and insert the sign of weight or currency quick and easy Word.

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