Adding Borders Around The Images With Css In WordPress

Then we will see add borders around images with CSS in WordPress .   In a quite simple and mostly in a few steps

Make a zoom effect on the images or add edges can be quite elegant depending on the design blog and what we need to highlight one you want the specific image Whatever the reason, Place two images together and add borders to images in WordPress is actually too simple process that can take few steps.

For this we need a plug-in, as this will make our lives easier. Most of all for those who do not know too much about CCS and want something faster. This plugin has the ability to add CCS borders to images you choose or directly to all that you downloaded on your blog .

This tutorial is divided into two parts, it is quite easy to achieve and in a short time can create an image gallery or add instructions edges all photos uploaded to your blog without any problems. It also has another option so you can automatically add borders to all images that you upload and already had increases in the blog above.

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How to add borders to images in WordPress

  • The first thing you need is download and activate the Image Borders plugin Wp  . What you can do from the WordPress panel
  • This plugin is very useful for us to add edges on all images uploaded to WordPress.
  • The first option that we find in Settings & gt; WP Image Borders . We allow you to select ” add borders to all images in blog entries.” This is precisely so that all your images blog have borders.
  • In the chaos just want some edges with then you need to do is add a CCS specific for them. This way, we can call “ edge img ” CCS said, for example.
  • You can also add shadows to the edges of the images you upload to WordPress &NBSP. Similarly, the simplest option of all things is automatic just select the first option to add edges to all images you have on your blog.
  • However, once you define the specific CCS in this plug-in , we will see how to add separately on each of the photos you upload to your blog.

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How to add borders to images with CSS in WordPress

  • To add borders around an image with CSS what we should do is WordPress that this image must have borders.
  • For this, we will have to download the image in question, then add it to the entrance as they usually would.
  • after that through the visual editor, you must click on the image, then press the “ Edit ” we can see in the small menu that appears every time the press image in question.
  • What makes this is a window where you can see the image detail and modify it as you want to open.
  • Here we will have to click on ” advanced Options” for more options.
  • After that, we will have to enter the CSS class of the image in question.
  • Here you have to add “ CSS class image ” img edge and ready.

As you can see is very simple to learn how to quickly add borders around images with CSS to WordPress. However, if you still have any kind of doubt, remember that, as always, we are fully ready to help you with everything you need. And you can enter the official website to see planes brings.

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