How To Install WordPress On A Local Server With Xampp Step

Then we will see how to install WordPress on a local server with XAMPP in a fairly simple and quick step. After that, you can do all the tests you want on your computer.

XAMPP become the free version of Apache uses almost all the receptions we have incurred. Not at all difficult download XAMPP and install on your computer.

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Thanks to this, we can perform all the tests we want. As we will see in this tutorial, the WordPress installation is very simple and in minutes can perform a test without exposing our blog.

How to Install XAMPP on my PC

The first thing you need to do is download XAMPP . It would become a completely free version of the Apache server which is usually seen in the hostings. This program is able to create a server to your various tests with everything you need: MySQL database, PHP, etc. You can download as you would on accommodation.

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  • Once downloaded, you need to do is install like any other application . You simply need to double click on the executable file you downloaded recently and open wizard.
  • It is best to leave all the default selected items. Although you can choose which components you want to install, verify that all they need and then give.
  • In one of the screens can select where you want to install XAMPP . Windows is installed by default in C:.\Xampp

XAMPP Control Panel

  • After that, we will open the XAMPP Control Panel, simply open it to choose the language between English and German. They are the only ones available.
  • Here you will have the ability to run services so you can begin testing. What you need to do is press the “ Start ” button services you need. For example: Apache and MySQL
  • .

  • If you want to stop the server, click “ Stop ” click “ Start ” you found in the same place you.

How to Install WordPress on XAMPP

  • Now let’s move to create a database for WordPress install our test. What we need to do is simply click on ” admin” on the right next to “ MySQL ” in the control panel.
  • This more phpMyAdmin we are used to from any accommodation. See the right sidebar appreciate that says “New” if you press this option will create a new database.
  • When the user is simply “ root ” and no password. Thus, in the file wp-config you must add the name of the database created and the root user without password.
  • Then we proceed to WordPress download on the official website . a tablet that .ZIP file, you must press the right button above and then decompressing “Extract here” will be downloaded.
  • These files must be sent in the XAMPP folder in C:\xampp\htdocs\. You can create a folder for WordPress with this name so that it is as follows: C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress
  • .

  • After that, we will have to enter http://localhost/wordpress from a browser and we can enjoy the traditional welcome when we will install the CMS
  • .

  • Now we have to put the name of the database that we created earlier, the user must be “root” and the password section empty. Let the rest of the default options.
  • After that you need to complete a little more information needed as the blog title, the user name and administrator’s password, etc.
  • Once this installation, press the button that says “ Access ” to enter your login and start using WordPress on your local server.

In this simple way can with XAMPP install WordPress on your own computer to all the tests you want without exposing your blog current .

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