How To Create A Landing Page On WordPress Totally Free And Easy

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To make your business successful in the digital age must have a website that allows you to attract customers . No matter if you make sales online or not, the goal is to achieve steady sales through an optimized page as a landing page. WordPress can create a landing page easy and free.

With a website customers can find your business and no matter where in the world is. The landing page stand out because they are very effective for generate higher sales conversion Unlike a conventional page.

What is a landing page?

Landing page or landing page is a page within a website that is optimized to meet a particular target . Whether a sale or find new subscribers.

 What is a landing page

These types of pages are effective because they are designed effectively to accomplish a goal. All elements that make it up are focused on this objective is met , without distractions. The most common uses for a landing page are:

  • Getting more sales of a product
  • Give greater dissemination of services
  • capture a more potential customers
  • get more subscribers for your newsletter, to retain customers

How to create a landing page on WordPress?

When you are an advanced user with programming skills can create your landing page through code. But if this is not your case, it is best use WordPress plugins to be free and to automate the process to make your life easier.

Choose a template

The template GeneratePress is appropriate to create a landing page because it is very customizable. You can create full width pages and delete items that could be a distraction for users as footer and header.

Download Elementor

It is a plugins you can find in the Marketplace WordPress or in your official. This is a free visual editor that lets you create a landing page without knowing anything about programming. It is characterized by predesigned items should only drag and drop the page.

Each element is customizable to some extent. Even has predesigned items that are made to create a website with a professional appearance. In addition to being compatible with other plugins that will add an extra your page.

There are other visual editors that you can use WordPress as Thrive Architect that is aimed at creating sales pages. But Elementor is the best options available out there today.

Elementor you can make websites with responsive design. That is, no matter from which the user input device to your page as it was adapted to the screen size.

 Use Elementor to create landing page

Eliminates unnecessary items

For a landing is functional must remove anything that distracts the user to reach the target. A landing must not have links redirigan you to another page , therefore we must remove the navigation menu.

equal must remove the footer and header . That’s when the GeneratePress template is very useful, because you can remove items you do not want on the single page with a click.

How to make a professional landing page

Create a catchy title

Explain briefly what are the benefits that will take the customer to the purchase your product or service. At the same time you have to generate curiosity to the client to stay on the page and keep reading.

Adds quality multimedia content

Let the customer see you have to offer. Shows attractive and good quality images because it speaks a lot about the image of your personal brand. The image alone should explain that your product or service is.

Make call to action

It expresses clearly the user to purchase your product. The idea of ​​landing page is to guide the user to perform the final action, but of course should be. So add flashy buttons that generate interest .

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