Creating A Link Or Direct Download Link From WordPress

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For some time, many people are focusing on the blogging and Web pages to market your products or services online.

How to Create a Link or Direct Download Link from WordPress

And one of those fabulous tools used for this purpose is WordPress , which since its inception has become the most used by users. And to learn a little more about it, we bring you the following tutorial to teach you how to create a link or link direct download from WordPress.

Although it is widely used at the present time, it is not very easy to use, because it has certain parameters that need to know. And one of these basic concepts are those concerning HTML , which may soon become a real headache. To prevent this from happening and lose all interest in create your website, we’ll guide of A very simple way.

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We’ve already learned in other articles which is WordPress, as used and how you can add advertising entries. But now we’ll show and explain how easy it is. create a link or direct download link from WordPress

How to create a link or direct download link from WordPress

This instruction will help a lot, when creating your articles and mount them on your page that you created using WordPress. But you must remember that it is not equal href=””> image. So to start we are going directly to WordPress and we will add an entry to this we turn to the menu located at the top.

Let’s make clip on the Add tab, then click Entry. When we have it, we hopped on the blank page and we will write the text which will make clip, to take us to the direct download link.

We can write as text, eg , Download link, Make clip to download, Download Link, etc. what you prefer or idea that is a link. After you have written the word you download to select it and then clip on the link icon. Will appear below the word you put a URL and you put a pad and then pressing Enter as.

Using the Download attribute to create direct downloads on WordPress

And so you created the link but is not working moments that will not get you anywhere. Now we must put the URL of the file which should be in WordPress , for it will upload the file to the media library. And by him we have access to the file you want to download directly.

Then you go to the media library and choose File, doing this will take you to the Details window attachments. And in going right to copy the URL, the next thing to do is get out of this window and return where you had your link. Here we are in Visual and we must select HTML.

In doing this we will find our link and we’ll stop with the cursor pad and will stick the previously copied URL.

Now if we enter the link we can see but did not discharge. For this we use a resource called Download, then we will go to our Link and add quotation marks after the download link.

 create link wordpress

In this way we will have added this attribute to the link and you can download to our computer making clip on it. And so we’ve shown how easy it is Link to create a link or direct download from WordPress.

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