How Do The Zoom Effect On The Images Step By Step WordPress

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When you create a website, we want our products have clear quality images. Of course, when we use managers like WordPress it can be to apply some effects may not be the best choice for us. not because we know how to use them, but no longer follow not concerned in the following article, we’ll show you How to Zoom effect on the image step by step.

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We want our site to be the best and we want to you can see all the details of pictures to climb it. But we wonder how we can apply this effect to images using this platform. The answer is simple, just follow the steps that we show in this article and do not miss any details.

WordPress hundreds of features and effects that you can apply to have professional results when creating your website. But you need to invest a lot of time and even more if you do not have the necessary knowledge and advice. But you will notice that the application of this effect will be as simple as putting a or a link to an image .

How to Zoom effect on the image step

Apply   these effects to your images can be very useful if your page products that customers need to see the details. This way, you can increase sales, as we so your images show that zoom. Because to do so, simply use the content manager WordPress.

With this manager you can make image processing, but unfortunately has no function that allows you to zooming . That’s why we will use the plugin called must be added to the flat – form. What we use is called free WP Image Zoom.

Using the Plugins for WordPress magnifying effect on the images

Once you have installed the plug – in and ActiveMOS we appear in the WordPress window a new paragraph with the name WP Plugins Image Zoom. By clicking above, you can use different tools to approach. And the way a magnifying glass on the pictures behaves.

In the settings you will find different ways of how you can make adjustments to choose the type of the zoom magnification effect on your images. Similarly, you can choose to show you hover the cursor over the image. There are many configurable options that allow you to customize this feature perfectly to your liking.

Once you have completed this step, the zoom setting, we turn to click Save Changes. Now the next thing to do is create a new one, it entado insert a normal photo in the media library WordPress. Once you’ve chosen you the image to the toolbar of the visual editor and you must click on the magnifying glass.

Now you have to write what is in the new and you click on the input option Publish, and then go to the link and be able to see how it was the Enlarge image . This way, you can apply   the effect Zoom in on pictures WordPress . Quickly and easily using plug-ins.

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If for some reason want to remove this effect, simply run to the article and you click Edit, then choose the image and clicking on the magnifying glass icon to be disabled.

So easy to turn on and off that you can use in all kinds of image. And   we arrived at this article has shown you How to Zoom effect on the image step by step.

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