How To Insert Youtube Videos In WordPress Plugins Automatically?

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WordPress is an incredible platform with many features that allow users to expand beyond the limits known in other blogs (allowing them to do things like insert a Excel spreadsheet, which is very rare). That’s why today you’ll learn to insert YouTube videos in WordPress plugins automatically.

And in the world so technologically advanced that we have today, there are many ways to present content on different platforms to want the same time, such as adding buttons share on social networks in a blog. YouTube and WordPress are not far behind in terms eta so use them together is easy.

Insert YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins automatically

To embed videos on WordPress from YouTube there are many ways one of the most commonly used for customization and to enjoy functions under, is through plugins.

And if these are going to talk, must appoint the best of all: YouTubeEmbed . To use this plugin have to first turn the page, so you must go to WordPress.

When you get there and see the section   “ Plug-ins ” on the desktop, there will come a dropdown with “Add new ” option press it. Will open a window where you can find the plugin you only need placing his name, when you’ve located dale to the “Install Now “, then just turn it and ready button. With this we have the plugin installed YouTubeEmbed now only have to go choosing the features you want to meet.

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Now to insert YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins automatically , the plugin brings a button insert for use quickly and easily, which allows you to embed the video in both visual mode and that of text editor of your WordPress page.

This means you can paste the codes inside the editor in such a simple way that is almost automatically (this will allow the video is the part that you prefer your blog).

General characteristics of the plugin

This plugin not only allows insert YouTube videos in WordPress plugins automatically, but also gives you many customization options such as:

Buttons social media to encourage people to share the video, video thumbnails, changes color and sliding controls encada video.

also function to embed galleries that are automatically loaded when you enter a visitor to your website. visual control to adjust the size and color of the videos incrustes on the page.

Options shortcuts to place videos on widgets and messages (this adds great flexibility to embed). And finally includes the option to add live broadcasts to be played from the WordPress itself. This plugin has a paid version and free, both offer a wonderful experience with a friendly interface in every way.

As a recommendation   It is good to first try the free version that although some limited customization features, is good for most newbies. But if you are already on another level, you can then pay the $ 20 it costs to get the plugin for life.


Other options plugin

Although YouTubeEmbed   provides everything you need to insert videos from YouTube WordPress plugins automatically , mention some others that also serve for this task which would be:

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Wp Youtube Lyte, whose main feature is the lazy load that allows videos to load properly and do not put slow the page. YouTube Video-gallery gallery , this can create an unlimited number of galleries so it is also an option to consider.

And as these there are many more, is a question of looking for the characteristics of each, download and try embed videos with them. When you have finished and this issue either familiar to you then look which are the best plugin for editing and maquetear pages, which are best SEO plugin positioning, so that best lmaximo your product.

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