How To Install And Configure WordPress On A Subdomain Of My Hosting?

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Install and set up WordPress on a subdomain of your Hosting is a great alternative to generate webs separated, may be related or not, to your homepage, without the need to use a new domain.

Generate a subdomain is a very practical and versatile tool that accesses have the same server multiple times without any additional cost. It can be combined with the fact clone WordPress website on a subdomain even possible < a href = ""> duplicate the website in WordPress without plugins.

WordPress Installing and configuring on a subdomain of my Hosting

This is a totally viable alternative if you need to create a new website, mainly to avoid hiring an additional domain to the one already used.

In turn, if your primary database is who will help Generate new your pages , make sure you allow the server to be able to run all changes.

Requirements for installing and configuring WordPress on a subdomain of your Hosting

Usually, are very similar to all those tools you need to have to add to WordPress the primary domain you will use.

That is why, you just need to check the list to make sure you still have at your disposal each:

  • Check the domain that you will use and ensure that it is active to link the new website.
  • Make sure that this domain is the host take care to point your DNS information to the Hosting you will be using.
  • At the same time, check that the way in which this DNS information that propagates towards the Hosting is correct.
  • Finally, confirm your Hosting has the amount of storage space sufficient to install your new WordPress site.

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Pros and cons of using a subdomain

A the same as the factors that are performed throughout life , make the decision to create a subdomain will directly depend on the purpose for which it is being used.


  • Subdomains end up being alternate pages or related to the primary domain , so your URL’s tend to be long and difficult to memorize.
  • Despite being based on a home page, sometimes tends to lose the main theme when they are not focused based on the host domain.
  • In the same way that has been said in the previous point, deviate from the main theme will make the credibility of content is lost.
  • The developer acquires greater administrative work , based on security and updates to be performed in the subdomains and the principal.
  • If you do not renew the contract with the main domain, subdomains automatically subscribed to this also stop working.


  • Although sites are assigned to a primary domain or host, they are capable of behaving like pages completely separate and independent.
  • set no limit as to the number of subdomains that can be created under the same domain.
  • Although directly affect the positioning of your domain, you have the ability to present and shared as a completely separate site.
  • Create a high or low number of subdomains will not affect the cost of the primary domain.

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How to install the subdomain to your hosting

To install and configure WordPress on a subdomain of your hosting must access the Control Panel Hosting to find the option “ domains and subdomains .”

At this point you will have the option to “ create a subdomain ” that is associated or affiliated directly with the primary domain of your WordPress.

Now you must go to “ packs web company ” to click “ create WordPress “, so that it is directly related to the platform.

is displayed before you the option to choose the file pack available that you previously downloaded to ensure availability, so only need to press on the button “ Install “.

Before you a configuration window will ask you to set the site name, administrator email and the mapped folder to the subdomain will be displayed.

Just the installation take its course, you will see the details and facilities packs to be installed on your Hosting.

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