How To Migrate From WordPress.Com To WordPress.Org? -Step By Step

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After a while, and if the result of the hard work has been positive, certainly need to migrate from to be done.

How to Migrate from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org -Step step

And the first is a online service somewhat limited but functional, unlike the second, which features, such as allowing modify, add and customize comfortable with los best SEO plugins positioning or also the best plugins to edit.

How to migrate from to

Understanding between and differences to migrate correctly, the first thing to be done is to export the full content we already had in the blog.

To achieve this, you must select the section “ Settings ” that is located on the left side menu of the screen, and has a gear like icon.

Consequently, a number of upper lashes, which will be chosen by the so-called “ Export “, opening a new window will be displayed.

Within the same, the button will be positioned “ Export All “, which as its name suggests, is responsible for grouping both inputs (like pages) of all dates and authors to exported.

If, on the other hand, want to specifically choose items, simply click on a little arrow that is located right on the side of that option.

In this mode, a button appears in the bottom right called “ Export selected content “, to which will be given to the end click.

In this way, he will initiate the export. What may take some time according to the amount of data to work.

 WordPress COM to change ORG

At the end, will be notified and will receive in the mail associated with a message that includes a link to which you must click if you want to download the file format .zip .

And so will have successfully completed the initial step to migrate from to But careful with the file as it contains all the information .

If the tablet is discharged once, no problem. Provided you do not spend more than 7 days, which is the default expiration time.

Import data

Already counting on the archive on the computer where you will work, you can proceed to import the data. For this, you must have previously acquired a domain and a hosting contract . Also WordPress installed.

So, with all this already covered, the WordPress open to later turn to the menu “ Tools ” of the same. Within this, a submenu called “ Import “, which will generate a screen with different types of imports.

will be selected

Then you will choose the last option shown, whose action is aimed specifically at data from WordPress. Thus, it is recognizable that in the description pages, entries, categories and other elements from an exported file mentioned that service.

In order to continue, just below the name of the option will be “ Install Now “, which you must choose to install the plugin that will allow import.

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Thus, now there will be a button (on the spot) that says “ importer Run ” to upload the corresponding file from “ Choose file “.

But beware !, you should not upload the zip directly but, you have to decompress (previously) and within the same .xml file itself is indicated will be located .

Then it is given in “ Upload files and import “, so that the page will allow make us customizing data to include this and will depend on each user and their needs.

Have the images

Before completing the process of to migrate should be noted that what we have done so far has been directed only to import information without images.

That is, the tablet contains only links or URLs to images of the blog, so you have to work the data concerned.

To do this, in the same window for “ Upload files and import “, there will be a checkbox “ Download and import attachments ” to be dialed.

Therefore, a slow start downloading process elements, up to the new hosting and also added to the library. And then, if you can press on “ Send ” to end all migration

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