How To Put A Link Or Link To An Image In WordPress Easily

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Today, there are many management platforms Location are used by millions of users worldwide. There are some very   recognized, but   who grew up as the foam is undoubtedly WordPress. Thank you to its simplicity has become an excellent tool for creating web pages. That’s why we want to use to help and here we show How to link or a link to an image in WordPress easily.

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Such a person is after you have already WordPress and this may seem very simple. But if you are of those who are just starting create your page or website . This tutorial them ring finger, because many concepts have their level of complexity, but you should know.

It is also true that the use of this tool to hunt certain knowledge that only the daily practice will give control over it. And we have tried to show, through various tutorials on this topic, you create your blog. You clearly explained what to do, for example to create pages and sections WordPress.

How to link or a link to an image in WordPress easily

WordPress is mainly characterized by providing a simple way to publish your articles, but it is not only on the text. can also insert images links to take you to other pages, or those – these images put a link or hyperlink. All this allows the platform so that your item look professional.

In the present article, I will show How to link or a link to an image in WordPress . And this can be done in several ways, first, we’ll explain how to link to a photo entry. You will notice that it is very simple to do, if you position yourself with the mouse cursor on the image, a menu appears.

Different ways to put a link to an image or a link in WordPress

With several options to make adjustments to the image, such as alignment, remove the picture, and if you click on the pencil you can edit it. You’ll also find details of the image, it can put you oppose a link to the image. To do this, you must deploy the jump menu and select custom URL .

You will see a small box and paste the link, you go account is quick and easy to do these operations. But now suppose that you want to do is insert a link to an image widget. To do this, you go to the left side menu and choose Appearance, click Widgets.

The next step will be   Widget drag the image in the bar located on the right side of the screen. There is a small arrow and deploy, upload the image to your liking, even if you want, you can give it a title. Then you place the link, link or and then you click Save.

There is another easy way to  . Put a or a link to an image in WordPress easily, and work when a person click on the image and take you to a web page   What you need to do is go to the next block you want to make the change and you click Edit.

Then you will click on the image, which will become a linked image, go now   the toolbar. And you must find and choose the link URL option now must paste the website link . Finally, click Update and Save. And he is ready image remained linked to when a user clicks on their website.

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There is no doubt that working with this wonderful tool has its great advantages is its ease of use. And it gives you several ways to solve a problem and learned nothing in the How to link or a link to an image in WordPress easily.

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