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WordPress or content management system, in English Content Management System or CMS, was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in May 2003 with the idea of ​​creating Web pages of any kind, the disappearance of the b2/cafelog; initially it had a lot of fame in the development and placement and later blogs commercial Web pages .

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Putting my profile picture on WordPress Comments | Create a Gravatar

Today is the CMS more accepted in relation to other Systems Content Management , as well as the blogosphere, its success is due to the ease of use, GPLy2 license, creación ons or plugins as an image or photo in the comments section, templates for the community, among others; in early 2019 33.4% has been used in different websites and 60.3% in content management.

What you are WordPress and who runs them?

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WordPress is an application for development and maintenance of websites , online stores, blogs among others, without using codes, obtaining a customized design; ie acts as a content management system or CMS that allows continuous updating of their material.

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The WordPress is a free software open source, and you can have this free application, users use it because it allows the creation of Webs without programming, visually, like Microsoft Word; because in the past, they were produced in language programming HTML , which was tedious and programmers.

The CMS generate HTML without the intervening user, you can create quickly and easily without knowledge of programming, as well as bring incorporated all the necessary features for web, such as contact forms , comments section, among others; Today, corporate websites, magazines, digital newspapers and online stores are created.

How important is the comments section in WordPress?

WordPress is designed to place comments from your readers their opinions through voting, which you can measure, if you’re writing has had sufficient interest or not; In addition, they can contact you, ask questions and interact with other readers; Another advantage is read the latest comments that are awaiting approval pending, approved or trashed.

Another important aspect has to do with the Settings you can change the panel, which is done by configuration and according to the need that you have; for example, may prohibit an individual, or an administrator allows each comment or simply avatars are displayed, although it may vary depending on the WordPress template.

How put my profile picture comments WordPress or create a gravatar?

Gravatar is a portal to join or associate our Web site at profile image , meaning that users can upload or edit their avatars in to the comments show with its corresponding avatar; many users who write comments on other blogs WordPress, like placing them photo or avatar to make it more personalized.

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Now, to register and customize your profile photo WordPress gravatar , is very simple, the first thing is to get into the page Gravatar, click on the button in the upper right corner, then you enter the user and password; so if you do not have the user click need an account and create a new one.

Then in the top corner left, enter image add , unfolds and viewing a menu and here it is where we want to go up the image associated with the comments posted to this Web; Finally the result is confirmed.

In conclusion, we can see that the placement of a photo accompanying comments is very useful, because it looks good giving personalized increased safety for future users; In addition, the procedure is very simple and easy to always perform as you use gravatar and WordPress.

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