How To Remove Or Delete Created With Wordpress For The Footer Of A Topic?

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It is undeniable that WordPress is one of the best platforms available today to create and manage both web pages and blogs (you can create one free account at its official page). All this thanks to its many functions and so practical interface (allows you to add advertising on their entries to win ) money. However, this site also has its flaws, so You’ll see how to remove or delete created WordPress in the footer.

And is that nobody likes create content itself, and below it says was created by another company, not because they want to hide the fact that it was done there but because of time then there is no need to announce the birthplace of an idea. This seems a little ego and is comparable to what Facebook does with everything you buy.

Remove or delete created with WordPress footer

To go directly to the grain you have to know that there at the least two ways to remove the created in WordPress, The first of these is switched off with the template options.

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People who create templates know as much as you sometimes have the happy phrase to the bottom of any creation is counterproductive because it can be unprofessional and even bad for customers of other websites.

So you almost always add an option to hide without transgressing any rule. The first thing to do to accomplish your task is to go to the WordPress page and enter as administrator (you only ask for your name and password obviously).

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After that the bar is on the left you must select the « Appearance » and then in the dropdown that will choose « Custom «, this will leave edit the footer options.

Once here give to the «Identity of the site» , which in turn will skip a window where you must select a dropdown called « Credit Footer «this will give you several options to choose from including» Hide «, press it and ready just need you to give » Save and publish « to confirm.

And so easily can remove or delete created with WordPress footer, however there is still another option if you can not fulfill this for some reason.

Remove with PHP

This is a bit more complicated than the previous one but it is nothing of the other world and allows you to also remove or delete created with WordPress footer because what you’ll be edit a code called footer.php.

To start this process again log into WordPress as an administrator, then you must go to « Appearance » in the bar, but this time select the « Editor » option the drop-down.

opens a window where the code and notice that on the right side there is a bar with several options appear, choose the one that is called « Footer theme » This will take you to the < strong> footer .php code.

Once here lies the line is named by powered (meaning created in English) when you found delete it (you can also modify it) .Hecho this dale to the «Update File» so that they finish saving changes.

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And this will be all ready making remove or delete created with WordPress footer from your website or blog permanently. Can any of the above two processes to achieve the result. Note that occasionally template creators do not place the option that lets you hide the footer phrase, so if this happens you should use the second option.

Now you can return to your site and apply the changes to remove the footer. A look you do be sure to look like remove the credits and copyright standing pagin change to or as credits and copyright Storefront template or other templates.

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