How To Reset Or Reinstall WordPress Plugin Wp Reset Free

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if you own WordPress installation which can perform various types of tests, or want to permanently remove all what you placed on your WordPress website in order to regain a clean installation here show you how to reset or re-install WordPress with simple steps.

How to Reset or Reinstalling WordPress Plugin WP with Reset Free

A the Reset your system , you can also run into with various plugins or new threads , who want to try or use frequently to this and much more have written this post.

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Why would I want to reset my website?

Maybe you came to this post, out of curiosity, and wonder what would be the reason why a person would undo all their work, to leave everything from 0. Believe it or not many may be the reasons. Here we list some of the most common:

  • This website has been hacked or attacked by virus , he did not know well the reason for the hack , but trying to fix it, you’ve seen your web has ended in ruin. The best thing to do is remove all root, so you start from scratch in a much more orderly fashion.
  • Want this becomes a web of evidence, which want to experiment with different and new functionality that offers WordPress so that they could then apply to your site.
  • Are you looking optimizes your website . It is true that there are many tools on the web, however, it is best to clean slate and start over with your website, so that you feel much more comfortable.

Why is it better to use a plugin and not do it manually?

Something that many users do common way is to reset your page WordPress manually, starting with everything involving your database and likewise, those files that are there housed, likewise, many the trouble necessary to set up everything they have done it again, and ready will have a new facility are taken.

However, in the long and cumbersome problem , is usually waste a lot of time and effort. This time with a single click you can leave clean and like new page you. All of this can be achieved with Reset WP.

This is a plugin thinking about this and many other similar tasks within WordPress. Currently it has more than five stars on different pages of download across the web and also, in more than 100,000 active installations so far. Best of all is that it is a free tool that can find on the official WordPress .

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How to Install WP Reset

You can download the plugin from the library plugin that offers WordPress and post install it manually. Also, can such action from the WordPress auto installer. Just as an administrator must go to the following path: Plugins & gt; Add New.

Once you find within the search field proceed to put in the search: wp reset And you give click on the Install.. Once ready, you will see a button to activate available appears that pressures. With this we have the tool running and active in your PC .

What will happen when you activate this plugin?

Usually this is one of the most common questions and is due to the fact that the tool itself guarantees a total resteo of all your products, but these are some things you should know:

  • All those media files that have been uploaded to your page WordPress , including what is within the wp-content/uploads folder will not be deleted.
  • The plugins and themes will be there, just to be disabled. the user has been appointed as administrator, with the same key that you own prior way. will remain

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