Manually Updating A Theme In WordPress Without Losing Anything

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Within this we help after you discover the best way you perform the upgrade process WordPress simple and fast because it is a basic action to maintain optimum performance of our pages at all times.

It is quite possible that this action to update your WordPress page, you could be a simple and fairly simple task, but it has some conditions can become confused or frustrated.

For this reason, this position, you want to make it much simpler life and therefore you can make the upgrade process quick and easy, and ensure the proper functioning of the page we created in this platform.

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How to Upgrade WordPress step?

To begin, security must be safeguarded order to protect all our information in case of problems, this way, we will save news important that we help solve any problem that is 1 may magnitude that we can therefore

Once ready this part, we review the Updates and that there is no such a core or core, which is pending.

with updating WordPress Start jibs

One of the main recommendations of the experts, is to start by updated themes and gallows, then go to the upgrade WordPress to the latest version.

The reason is quite simple: it is possible that the nibs with which worked we are not at all ready to work with the new version that is available , for this reason, it is elementary this step is a priority.

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It is recommended that we make sure that you have all our jibs updated its latest version to ensure support of it – one, with the new version we WordPress install


Start with themes and updating templates WordPress

After step above – it is advisable to start the theme of the update that you used, especially the father of topics with which we are basing our work, or if installed our previous way Web .

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Proceed with updating the WordPress core

The core, better known as the base name in WordPress, is also known as the CMS version of himself in our system.

As for the WordPress update to the latest version, it converges in a huge step that will help correct any problem also where security and even, you would opt to have new features that are included in the new versions.

Finally, proceeds to check the optimal functioning of all

It is recommended that once you have made an Update in WordPress, go to check in full if the items on our website are working properly and optimally.

You should check that the operation is successful in different sections such as entrances, web forms, comments, newspaper Users etc.

again, also check back visually there is a function of all the elements that have built-in screen and even, all seems well, because we must not lose sight never the objective and scope defects exist within it, we happen to affect whether significant .

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