How To Download And Install Xbox Game Pass On Windows 10

 xBOX game pass for pc

Welcome back! If you’re a fan of video games and enjoy spending hours and hours playing from the computer. And not only that but you want to install Xbox Game Pass on your PC with Windows 10 , then you’ve come to the indicated place. Since Microsoft has taken the trouble to enable a wide range of games which you can download if you are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass.

That is why we explain download and install Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 so you can enjoy your favorite titles from the comfort of your computer

About Xbox Game Pass

In summary accounts, the Xbox Game Pass is just a video game subscription service offered by the Microsoft company. He also recently extended this service for the PC, which means that now you can enjoy a variety of games from your computer.

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Later you talk in great detail about how you can make use of this interesting service easily. And an interesting fact for you that you love Xbox games is that you can rename Xbox Live Gamertag user on Android , in a few steps. Read on!

Steps to download and install Xbox Game Pass on your computer

Next in this first section will tell you in detail everything you need to know to learn to download and install Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 quickly and easily. But you can also have the option of activate and use Xbox Live Gold Xbox 360/One in a few steps.

Simply we invite you to follow the exactly the following instructions to not have any problems.

Update Windows 10 to the latest version

If you are interested in playing video games that are in the catalog Xbox Game Pass for PC , then you have update Windows 10 without losing files to its latest version, ie 1903. later we will show what is the easiest way to do Read on!

xbox control

So, what you should do is go to the part of «Configuring your computer» and then click on the «Update and security» option. In part this will verify if any update Windows Update .

Now, if you fail to find this option anywhere, can use the search engine. You can also ask the assistant Cortana to take you quickly to the section where you can check for updates to Windows 10.

If you do not see any updates available, this means you already have the latest version of Windows 10 installed on your computer. Otherwise you will have to wait for the team, which fortunately did not take a long time to update.

Done! Once you have completed this first step, and will continue with the downloading and installing games Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 Let’s do this

Enter Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10

To begin, you must go to the official website of Xbox and PC download application, which is in the beta phase. This means that you will have to download it to pay a 1 euro, this way you will have access for only one month.

Once you have installed on your computer, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the plans of the Xbox Game Pass . Here we show memberships that there are 3

  • Ultimate Plan: includes Xbox Live Gold membership and unlimited access to over 100 games that are compatible with the console and the PC. In this case you will have to pay 1 euro for the first month and the rest of the year only have to pay 12 euros per month.
  • PC: in this case also have access to a wide variety of games for the computer, for only 1 euro in the first month and then have to pay almost 4 euros month
  • .

  • Console: This plan guarantees more than 100 games for your console all year for only 9 euros a month
  • .

console Xbox

After you have paid the membership then must go to the option «My Library» and from there you can navigate the catalog of video games to download all you want. From this moment can spend hours playing your favorite game The dream of every inveterate gamer!

If you have been useful this information, please remember to share it with all your contacts through social networks See you in the next installment!

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