How To Create An Account On Xbox Live Free Phone Or Pc? -Very Easy

If you are a new user of Xbox and you are unsure of the process you have to do to start playing online with your friends, then you’ve come to the right post. The first thing you must do is create a free account is why we invite you to continue reading the following post where you will learn how to create an account on Xbox Live free phone or PC Let’s do this!

In recent years, gamers are increasingly more inclined to take advantage to the maximum the game modes online . It is even common to find titles that only have online mode, ie do not have a story mode so you can play without being connected to the network .

This is something that has been repeated in many video games reputed that have come out in recent years and in fact has not done anything wrong in terms of sales and good reception from the public.

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In this regard, each company has its own online service to ensure a unique experience to users. For example, Nintendo has service Nintendo Switch Online, Sony launched the famous PlayStation Network and meanwhile Microsoft has Xbox Live , which will be developed later. inhalambrico xbox black

Steps to create an account on Xbox Live free cellular or PC

In this section we will take back the trouble to explain in great detail all you need to do to learn to create an account on Xbox Live for free . Before you begin remind you that the process is exactly the same regardless of whether you do it from your PC or from your mobile, so you can create your account from any of these devices.

  • First of all you must open the browser of your choice and enter the official Xbox page . Once you’re inside the page you just click the option that says « Create new account »
  • Then you have to enter the data from your Microsoft account. That is, if you do not have a Microsoft account (Outlook) then you can not access Xbox Live.
  • Then to create an account at Mircosoft, you must enter a valid email and then a secret password first. Remember that this key entry must have a combination of letters and numbers to increase your account security. Then click the « Next » to continue.
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  • Then you have to enter your country of residence and date of birth. In this part you will see several options in each field where you find both your home and your birth date will be displayed.
  • Now you have to wait for an email that will be sent to your e-mail account associated with Microsoft. This simply is part of a verification process routine.  full console xbox

Process account verification

  • Then you enter your email and check the inbox if you have gotten an email from the Microsoft team .
  • Open the message and you’ll find four-digit code which you enter on the page where you were recording your account.
  • Below you see a picture with several letters and numbers you enter a field that lies just below. This is nothing more than a » captcha» which serves to prove you’re not a robot that is dedicated to making spam.
  • Finally you have to finish with some details to keep your account Xbox Live . It only remains to mark some boxes to accept or not Microsoft will send information directly to the mail about promotions in video games.
  • Finally remember to click the « I agree » and ready, option and have completed the process to create a account on Xbox Live completely free.

Remember, too, you have the option of make this process using your mobile device or computer .

We’ve already done for the day! If the information in this post was useless to you, then feel free to share it with all your friends gamers through social networks so they can learn how to create an account on Xbox Live without problems.

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