How To Reset Or Restart An Xbox One To Factory Settings? Fast And Easy

As is given using a device, storage, use and configuration is modified over time to the point of wanting to restore their original settings. As is the case today you want to restart your Xbox One to the factory settings. Perform this procedure on any electronic device has its positives and negatives.

On the plus side, you can retrieve the device in the original state in which you were delivered. Plus it also serves as a solution when a problem has no solution whatsoever.

How to Reset or Restart an Xbox One to Settings factory -Easy and Fast

If the problem you submit your Xbox console is not so bad, either if it only works with lower speed or you can not access new options, maybe all you need to do is actualizar your console either no internet or .

But if it becomes a case more complicated as your console does not give the image display are other options that should take, if the problem is incompatibility screen can always Xbox console to connect to your PC monitor.

What could be seen as negative is the possibility of losing all the content that has been stored on the device so far.

Therefore, the highest recommendation before performing this procedure is create a backup around the content of your Xbox, including games, images, videos, among others.

Steps prior to restoring data from the Xbox One to factory settings

There are many reasons why a person like you, choose Restart the console settings. which includes the possibility of selling the device or want to solve a problem during use.

If the reason you will realize not warrant the total loss of all content stored on your Xbox One, you need to synchronize data with Xbox Live .

In case you need to do it and do not know how, go to the section “ Xbox Live ” in the menu the console to connect via the Internet to it.

 Xbox Live logo with white background

Once you’ve done, the content you have stored so far in the device syncs automatically, creating a backup.

default method to reset your Xbox One to factory settings

Perform this procedure requires very short, simple and easy steps that do not merit a long time to achieve them.

Once you’ve secured the content you wanted to save (or if you really do not want to keep him on the console) can start performing the following steps:

To start, press the Xbox button to display the guide on the screen; there you will select the option “ System “.

Go to the section “ Settings ” to find the section “ System ” that is who contains the “ Information console “where we will make the whole procedure.

In there you will see the option “ Reset Console “, which should press for the next selection is displayed on the screen:

Mainly will ask if you really want to “ Reset Console ?”, Which will be accompanied by the following:

Reset and remove all

This is the first way to reset the device to its factory settings.

Selecting this option will delete user data console. Including accounts you have created, the games you’ve downloaded and installed, the progress in each of them, the settings you’ve established and their associations.

 control and display xbox

Generally, this is a decision that is taken when you will sell or give away the console, and only as a last resort to solve a problem.

Restore and maintain the content of the Xbox

The second option also allows you to reset the values ​​while maintaining the contents of the Xbox. If you only perform this procedure to solve a problem, this should be your choice.

Through this method will achieve restore the operating system of the Xbox One to the factory settings; but only eliminating data that may be damaged and without removing your games or applications.

If you do not want to choose any of these options only have to press on “ Cancel ” and no reset action will fail.

After pressing one of the options, your Xbox will start the erasing process automatically and return to its default settings.

If solucionaste your problem and you are ready to play again reminds create an account for Xbox Live and so can have fun with other players.

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