How To Fix The Problem When The Screen Image Does Not Give Xbox One

 black xbox console

If you have a Xbox One you contract the insurance for most programs such as HBO watch and play your favorite games. However, it may be that he has not shown the picture just when you enable it, this may be due to the adjustment of the video have changed and they are not compatible matching the screen.

This is a situation that could occur regardless of the device you own, because there have been major changes to the console and compatibility screen with another . So if you happen to find this problem, do not worry, because in this post, we’ll give you all the tools necessary for you to fix it.

 control Xbox TV

Why my black sample image?

This is a common problem that can occur with some consoles that some TVs do not maintain the same configurations with respect to the image, which can affect the console.

To resolve this error, the bottom line is that the console settings are reset, with who do not have to worry because you lose nothing of the Settings < strong> Network or profiles, or other settings that you made, do the following:

  • Start make sure your console is turned off, it performs a new key combination,
  • that we will reset all video parameters of our Xbox One.

  • To do this, press and hold the Eject , and also press the power button.
  • Until you hear a second sound warning for the second time of the console, you can drop the , so the console will erase all video parameters there were altogether.

What is the black screen in the Xbox One?

Inside the computer, “black death screen” in the two devices and PC so you can refer to the black screen error that usually appears in some operating systems like Windows , Linux or OS/2 . Thus, this expression was used in the case of Xbox One and Xbox One S.

One of the first places where the report was made that mistake, he was in various web portals which said that even affecting the main way of the Menu main console.

Given this, it is possible that the way the course of good and therefore support system unable to navigation is not in the menus and not being able to access your games or applications.

 black white Xboxes

How this error?

  • Continue to press the ‘RT’ and ‘Y’


This is an option that you should consider when to correct the error because it has been shown to be very effective on the fly.

Try pressing the “” RT control your Xbox After starting the startup of the console, so you should see that the same problem was solved and so everything is back to normal.

  • Enter another tab

In multiple users on web forums, another active and positive solution was to open the guide on your device by pressing the ‘Xbox’ to press liego on “ Home ” and immediately exit the main menu when you go to another tab.

  • Xbox store See Offer

Within the flat – form Reddit, many users have commented on the fact that entry directly in the shop Xbox Store while solved.

Although there is no logical reason for this, according to many people,   because to start should only access the guide from the store and proceed to press the “ ” Right on the main banner , and return to the beginning and a little Hopefully, everything will be solved.

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