How To Create An Account Xiaomi Mi And What Is It Me? -Step By Step Guide

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In recent years, the brand Xiaomi MI devices has been positioning in the top of sales in different countries. Maybe you have one of these phones or have heard of them and their applications or maybe you’re thinking about buying one of these devices. Regardless of what the case, this information can be very useful. Now, Create account Xiaomi Mi and what it is you

Here we will explain step by step how to enjoy all the benefits in each of the Xiaomi devices.

How Create an account Xiaomi MI and To what purpose is? -Step by Step Guide

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Creating the account Xiaomi Mi step

  • The first thing to do is enter the web of Xiaomi Mi. Https://
  • Fill in the required fields.
  • In this field you have two options to register the account: With email or phone number
  • .

  • You place the password and the captcha.

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  • send an email to your email account, you must activate it within 24 hours .
  • Once activated can enter; There must place the Nick.
  • Enter this link and fill in the missing information security, ie, email and phone number to verify your account. In places the NICK_NAME personal information that is related to the UID with Nick.

Finally, you can enter the Micloud:, and inside you can access the cloud of Xiaomi, this option can do several things:

  1. Link your device : Above left
  2. .

  3. Contacts: You can sort, delete, import, export and synchronize
  4. .

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  5. Messages: You can save SMS messages
  6. .

  7. Photos: View your images, Create album, upload, download and also has a Windows application
  8. .

  9. Note: You can Save synchronized notes with your phone, and view or delete
  10. .

  11. Recordings: Save or listen to recordings and even calls, of course if you have enabled on your device
  12. .

  13. Locate device : If you want to learn how to locate your phone if lost login to this site: https // c.mi.con/ththththread-499840-1-0-html

    To what use is a user Xiaomi MI

    The account Xiaomi MI is for Xiaomi device users , especially MIUI phone, where they can link your phone and access to cloud MiCloud called Xiaomi. They can also link other devices account and use other services of this brand.

    xiaomi technology products

    This account Xiaomi MI is unique, which is assigned an ID and can be defined as a unique identification number. The account does not have a user, so if you want to sign into your device should use e-mail or phone number at the time of register the account and password .

    It is important to remember the email and password or telephone number registered in the account Xiaomi Mi; as well as having other means to gain access to my account.

    To do this you enter the website at My Account and fill the security information missing. account Xiaomi MI serves to back up the information stored on your phone as photos, contacts, call log, messages, recordings and notes. You can save the history of the browser, configure Wi-Fi and device configurations and even support applications compatible.

    With this account can locate your device if lost or stolen; you can even lock the device and delete your account. Xiaomi MI account offers many benefits to its users ; As you can see, you can back up your information on the device. If you are user of one of these devices you can create the account Xiaomi MI. Remember to enter the Xiaomi MI Web site and follow the steps in this article

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