Changing The Tone Custom Vibration Xiaomi Mi Band

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In the new millennium, smart phones have played a very important tool for people. So much so that some companies have focused on the development and improvement of accessories for them.

There is an impressive amount of Mobile Phone Accessories , many people believe that only one cell can be connected to the USB cable, the battery charger and headphones, products normally come from the factory.

Changing the Tone Custom Vibration in Xiaomi Mi Band

But the fact is that there are accessories that can be viewed from the safety of the equipment, such as tempered glass and external linings, fasteners extendable up to take pictures with more distance.

Also today each time the brand Xiaomi has become more relay . Arriving in manufacture different devices with which communication can be improved. It also offers a number of advantages and features very innovative.

So in this article we give you how to disable the custom vibration Xiaomi Mi Band. Given that a process is very simple and important.

What are the accessories for smart phones?

The innovation of some entrepreneurs is an incredibly unique ability, many have seen certain problems or needs of users who use smartphones. That is why, they have taken the task to solve a solution to these drawbacks, creating some supplements that prove to be very useful.

A very good accessory are Smart bracelets , which has many features that operate in sync with your phone, these are useful to observe notifications, receive calls and SMS. In addition some even they have alarms and reminders. All of this is programmable from the cell easily and quickly.

How smart bracelets brand Xiaomi work?

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Smart bracelets have two main methods of operation which exchange information concerning the tasks performed in conjunction with the Android phone.

The first method is to activate and synchronize Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet with your mobile via Bluetooth . By which it will be synchronized to an updated form, and therefore do not need to worry that the information cell and bracelet is uneven.

The second method is the storage , this can be seen as the guardian bracelet data for later broadcast them to the cell, which makes free from the hassle of having cell always on top of us. Among its main interesting features such as record heart rate and sporting activities set location , set the alarm with your Xiaomi Mi Band .

What are smart bracelets competition against Xiaomi brand?

Among some competent bracelets can find the brand Willful , which have shown a optimal performance and efficient capacity in the product.

We also found the brand Huawei , which is the same as their cell have shown a efficient development and improvement in recent years, which has allowed us access a product of good quality

But nevertheless, among users of the Xiaomi , has expressed which according to its critics, the efficient synchronization between the two teams makes it stand out among others.

How to change the tone custom vibration Xiaomi Mi Band?

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In order to make the pitch change must first access the application My Fit , should not have it must be downloaded from the Play Store, a step that will not take long. Then, you must enter the section My Devices and select the band type which has been synchronized cell.

Then, look for the application alerts. You must then choose to Vibrate and then select the bottom add .

In the next step should be press the and lift your finger the number of times desired with respect to the configuration, then we give Save and will be ready configuration.

For some people this process is somewhat complicated, but if you follow the foot of the letter really really does not carry or 5 minutes. That’s why if not know this information or have any known method sought on this page is all there is to know about the subject.

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