How To Increase The Frequency Of Measurement Of The Heart Rate In Xiaomi Mi Band

 xiaomi hand man band

Xiaomi is a famous brand of technology, which offers users excellent href=””> services and products with prices well below the who they come to offer their rivals.

With the escalation that has taken technology, both Smartphone as the tablets have made great strides in branches different and according to it, have chosen to create various accessories and devices which are focused to the well-being of users.

One of the devices most used and famous, are the wearables , and it works Xiaomi has created its own wearables, known as My Band . It’s bracelet, which aims to measure pulse, counting steps, heart rate etc.

This is a bracelet which has a long-lasting activity thanks to a battery very resistant, a characteristic that has become very popular among its users.

It is known by many users, this device has the feature of allowing extend its functionality and access, thanks to the implementation of tools and applications, one of the most useful la alarm clock. Thanks to its touch screen, you can see in it a lot of information which can personally configure and sync with our mobile .

In this post we show you how to increase and maximize their use by different applications and news.

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Benefits of using this tool

Although all encompassing and shows this bracelet, seems to be of the best things in the world, does not have a special mode which engages unique way to sports . On such a basis, provided an indeterminate way, this bracelet will be measuring your pulse. This may be something you love or hate, depending on your taste or preference with this.

If you are looking for within the Google Play You can see that there are different applications that you can enable continuous detection of your pulse. This is an excellent setting for athletes, since it does not significantly affect the autonomy of the bracelet.

 xiaomi pulse rate band

Measure your pulse without stopping

Something that not everyone knows, it is that the heart sensor of this tool makes heavy use of your battery, to count your pulse. If you want to change that in one way or another there are two ways in which you can get to make different measurements to continuously or stopping when you already want to stop.

The first option presented is like that of using the tab “ Activity ” application “ My Fit ” With it you can have control of the steps to do, time and your heart rate. To start with it you just have to click on the “ Start ” option.

If, however, you are not doing any sport, you can select the “Treadmill” option to avoid that turn on the GPS unnecessarily. You must remember that the main task of your bracelet is constantly measuring your pulse and the same can visualize in your screen in real time.

If you’re determined to turn it off one way or another, you can make all these adjustments, entering the application, and looking into the “ Profile ” option. There alone must click on the “My Band” option, and the screen can see a number of options which will also be the option to disable logging of keystrokes.

This is an option that by default is disabled within your bracelet, but which can be modified so that you feel comfortable with it. In this way you will be with all the freedom of different options enabled and place different frequencies with which you can measure periodically each option you choose.

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